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11 Thoughts We ALL Have Before Getting Out Of Bed!

*Casually hits snooze button, five snoozes in a row*


Whether you have a million things to do or not, getting out of bed in the morning is the ultimate struggle, every single day! After all, who can bear to leave the carressing hug of your snuggle pillow and the chilled AC haven that is your room? Sigh! We all take our sweet time getting out of bed, mostly because we try to think of a million reasons not to beforehand – but as they say: seize the day! Just before we do, though, here are 11 thoughts that go through our minds first thing in the morning!

1. Ughhh, it’s morning already?

Is this clock right? Doesn’t seem like it.

getting out of bed 1

2. What am I going to wear today?

Why aren’t pajamas considered appropriate day wear, jeez. Why do pants exist?

3. Why did I ever have to grow up?

Babies are so lucky, they can sleep all day!

get out of bed 3

4. I wish there were a Starbucks in my house. Even a CCD would do.

NEED. Coffee. NOW.

5. It’s too bright. Why are my curtains already drawn? And who the hell is calling my cell already?!

I swear to God, I’m going to sleep early tonight. I think.

getting out of bed 5

6. Do I have to wash my hair today?!

No? OKAY!! 20 minutes of extra sleep! 😀

7. If I want to eat breakfast, I’ll have to get up NOW.

Then again, could just sneak in a little piece of toast in the car!

bed 7

8. Maybe I really should get out of bed now…

I would still have time to go for a quick run! To the front door and then back. Does that count?

9. Eh, let me check my phone first. UGH, reduce brightness!

*15 mins later* OMG, I’m still playing around with my phone in bed!

getting out of bed 9

10. Why hasn’t he sent me a good morning text yet?

Whatevz, he’s probably sleeping still. Lucky him – wish I could sleep some more too!

11. Who the hell is that ringing the doorbell so early?

And why isn’t any one answering it. Gosh, I have to do EVERYTHING around here! *Gets out of bed. FINALLY*

bed 11

And on that one special day of the week …

Can’t believe I have to wake up, ughhhh…oh wait – it’s SUNDAY!!!


GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy

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05 May 2016

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