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20 Thoughts EVERY Bride Has Sitting At The Mandap!

20 Thoughts EVERY Bride Has Sitting At The Mandap!

No matter how calm, beautiful, and graceful brides look while they are sitting at the mandap, just a few short steps away from a whole new phase of life – there’s a whirlwind of emotions and thoughts actually going on in their mind. Trust me – been there, done that!

1. *Talks to self* Stay calm, babe. You got this.

1 sitting at the mandap

2. Oh no, dad looks like he’s about to cry. I just know I’ll break down if he does.


3. Why is it so unbelievably hot here? Oh right, the fire!

3 sitting at the mandap

4. I can’t understand a word this pandit is saying!

5. No really. He could be chanting the lyrics to Michael Jackson’s Thriller and I wouldn’t even know because he’s talking so fast!


5 sitting at the mandap

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6. I hope my makeup hasn’t smudged.

7. I can watch my friends laughing at something from the corner of my eye. Bitches better update me later!


7 sitting at the mandap

8. My fiancé looks bored. LOL.

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9. I can’t wait to get out of this lehenga. And I mean that in a totally innocent, I’m-so-exhausted kind of way.


9 sitting at the mandap

10. I can’t believe I’ll be married in a few moments.

11. Better look pretty and stoic, I see the candid photographer is busy clicking away!

11 sitting at the mandap


12. My in-laws look so happy. Obviously, they get to go home with ME. 😛

13. I’m hungry. Would it be totally inappropriate to eat at the mandap?!

13 sitting at the mandap

14. OMG, it’s time for the pheras!



15 sitting at the mandap

16. I hope I don’t trip and fall or anything.

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17. Let’s get this done with. I’m ready to be a wife!

17 sitting at the mandap

18. But more importantly, I’m exhausted and hungry!

19. I don’t want to think of the bidaai part yet.


19 sitting at the mandap

20. My eyes are stinging. Must be all the smoke from the fire. Yeah, that must be it. *Sniff*

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15 Sep 2016

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