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RIP Logic! This Viral Video From A Daily Soap Teaches You How NOT To Marry Your Crush

RIP Logic! This Viral Video From A Daily Soap Teaches You How NOT To Marry Your Crush

There will be many people who will tell you how to impress your crush. They will advise you to make the first move or act super cool in front of them. From random suggestions to weird tactics, they will give you all types of gyaan. In our opinion, you can try them as long as they are not inspired by the Bengali daily soap Aay Tobe Sohochori. Why, you may ask? Because the recent episode of the show is giving us a lesson on how not to marry the love of your life.

Recently, a bizarre clip from the series has gone viral on the internet and NGL, our minds are blown—for all the wrong reasons. In the video, we can see a bride who’s about to put varmala around the groom’s neck. Before she can do that, a random guy, out of nowhere, pushes the dulha away. Ideally, people should have stopped right there and waited for an explanation for this strange act. But then again, ideally, daily soaps should have plots that make sense. So, instead of witnessing something logical, here’s what we saw:

That’s right, the varamala ‘accidentally fell’ around the random guy’s neck. How convenient! Not just that, the fellow also grabbed a handful of sindoor and put it on the bride’s head. Correction: smashed it forcefully on the bride’s head. Honestly, we just want to say one thing—don’t try this stunt IRL, ever.

We don’t know who needs to hear this, but you cannot marry anyone by force or by tricking them. That’s not just illogical, but problematic AF. It’s a shame that even in 2022, daily soaps are hell-bent on promoting misogynistic narratives and toxic masculinity. Here’s what the netizens have to say about this video:

Hey Daily Soap Makers, Ever Heard Of Consent?


If This Isn’t Harassment, What Is?


Dear Makers, Audience Cannot & Will Not Tolerate Such BS


Hey daily soap makers, please stop with this utter nonsense. We deserve to watch progressive stories and characters, not this garbage. Do better!

Featured Image: Instagram

19 May 2022

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