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This Video Of Priyanka Chopra Doing Bhangra In LA Is Proof That She’ll Always Remain A Desi Girl At Heart

This Video Of Priyanka Chopra Doing Bhangra In LA Is Proof That She’ll Always Remain A Desi Girl At Heart

You can take Priyanka Chopra out of India but can never take India out of PC. It has been almost a decade since the actress shifted base to the USA and yet she continues to be the desi girl that we have always known. In fact, everywhere she goes, PC carries a piece of India with her. Take, for instance, the recent birthday party that she threw for her manager, Anjula Acharia.

Yesterday, PC teamed up with her hubby, Nick Jonas to throw a surprise party for her manager and ensured that she didn’t miss India. Earlier today, Anjula gave us a sneak peek of the party by posting a series of fun pictures and a heartfelt caption. She wrote. “@priyankachopra @nickjonas I’m so overwhelmed and grateful for all the love you showed me this birthday, it was an amazing surprise and so unexpected!! You’re both so generous and warm-hearted, I can’t thank you enough! My heart is so full. Thank you to all my beautiful sisters who made this so special with your energy and love! Thank you!” 


While the party happened in Los Angeles, Priyanka and her squad ensured to add a desi tadka to the celebrations. And guess what did they do to make it happen? They legit arranged for a dholwala to play at the party and a lot of bhangra followed. Priyanka was the one to get the party started after she began showing off her Punjabi moves and we just scored a video of the performance.

Here, take a look:

It’s not every day that you get to enjoy dhol and bhangra in LA and this is exactly why it became Anjula’s favourite part of the party. She wrote, “♥️ @priyankachopra this was my favourite part of the magical night you planned for me. Wow babe! I’m so in awe of what you do and how you do it.”

Well, if we were in Anjula’s place, we would have been equally in awe of PC, her big heart, and her cool Punjabi moves because they definitely made our day. How about you, fam?

Featured Image: Instagram

24 May 2022

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