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You Aren’t An Asim Riaz Fan If You Haven’t Read Our Interpretation Of John Cena’s Shoutout

Naina SharmaNaina Sharma  |  Feb 6, 2020
You Aren’t An Asim Riaz Fan If You Haven’t Read Our Interpretation Of John Cena’s Shoutout


Those who follow World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) even a little, sure know about John Cena (six-time WWE world champion) and those who follow Cena, definitely know that he does post random pictures on Instagram.

Well, back in 2018, the wrestler did put up a bio that pretty much explains why he does what he does. It read, “Welcome to my Instagram. These images will be posted without explanation, for your interpretation. Enjoy.” Following the same pattern, he put up another post recently, but this time, it made it to the headlines since he shared a picture of the current Bigg Boss contestant, Asim Riaz.

Since Cena has allowed us to, here is what we’ve interpreted:

Cena Follows Indian Mega Reality Show: Bigg Boss

First of all, the fact that Cena went ahead and put up Asim’s picture, could mean that the wrestler does follow Indian television, and specifically, Bigg Boss. And this actually is quite surprising! The reality show kicked off on September 30 last year and is one of the most violent and yet most successful seasons. So, maybe Bigg Boss’ popularity has now reached West Newbury (this is where Cena lives).

Let’s take a look at the post shared by Cena.


Maybe Cena Thinks Asim’s Six Packs Are Better Than His


We all know Asim Riaz has six packs–thanks to Mallika Sherawat who counted his packs in one of the episodes. And maybe, Cena, who is a 16-time World Wrestling Champion, an actor, a singer, producer, model–is jealous of Asim’s well-toned body.

Cena & Asim Are BFFs

Let us not underestimate the power of a common man. On the family special episode, Asim’s brother, Umar, did say that the world is going crazy for him. So yes, coming back to our point, maybe Asim and Cena are friends from before he entered the Bigg Boss house. And Cena is just rooting for his friend.

Cena Wants Asim’s South African Accent

From the very day when the show premiered, Asim’s accent has been literally the talk of the town and more so, during Weekend Ka Vaar episodes Salman Khan never hesitates to make a mockery of it. Maybe Cena wants to get in touch with Asim just to learn the accent. You know Cena’s accent, right? Maybe he is bored with the American pronunciation.

Bhavishyavani Comes True: Asim Set To Be A Star

Remember, astrologer Prem Jyotish entered the BB house and predicted that Asim is all set to become a star. He also said that 2020-2021 will be the most prestigious year for his career. So, maybe Cena heard what Prem Jyotish said and he wanted Asim to gain global popularity. It seems like (let’s interpret) Asim’s hustle, loyalty and respect have worked wonders and his ‘time is now’!

Which interpretation is closer to yours? Let us know in the comments section.

Coming back to Cena, this isn’t the first time Cena shared a picture of an Indian celebrity. Before this, he has shared photos of Indian stars like Daler Mehndi, Kapil Sharma and Shilpa Shetty and we continue to interpret why! And each interpretation deserves a story.

Featured Image: Instagram