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This Is The Quickest Way To Seduce Your Partner, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

This Is The Quickest Way To Seduce Your Partner, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Seduction is an art and not many have mastered it. As interesting as it may sound, what makes anyone feel sexy is a decent mix of their physical as well as emotional attributes. Believe it or not, knowing someone’s zodiac traits can be your shortcut to find out what will please them in the bedroom. So here’s your all-purpose guide to seduce someone. Read on


Lined up first in the zodiac sphere, it’s obvious that Aries like to come on top, even in the bedroom matters. All you’ve got to do is indulge their fierce energy with some light role-playing to ignite that competitive spirit and watch the sparks fly.


Being an earth sign, their definition of love is way more than just physical attraction. They love experiencing emotions to the fullest. If you’re looking to heighten their senses, throw in a little blindfold game during foreplay. Within no time, you’ll be having a lot of fun.


The social animal of the zodiac wheel, Geminis are famous for losing interest quickly. Pro tip: Don’t wait till you’re home to get the action started. A couple of naughty texts during the day are enough to build the anticipation for what’s to come.



Love is simply getting the passions flowing for emotionally grounded Cancerians. So instead of a casual quickie, take your time to set the mood. Go for a romantic dinner à deux, mood lighting, and intimate conversation before taking matters to the bedroom.


TBH, Leos crave being the centre of attention. So to earn their attention and their heart, don’t shy away to get creative with your ideas. Plan some seductive games, or click their intimate portraits–the idea is to make them feel like the centre of your world.


Detail-oriented by default, Virgos are actually turned on by your time and efforts. Be it remembering their favourite dish to making up their bed with some scented candles, not a single effort goes unnoticed by them. 


Libras are known for maintaining balance. Take them out, throw them a little appreciation every now and then, and they’re all yours. Praise their smallest efforts and choices. 


Bonus Tip: If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, don’t shy away from experimenting. Try a quickie in the trial room!


Scorpios, the perfect blend of intense and emotional in equal measures. They love testing the boundaries of control. If you’re looking to let their wild side out, turn off the lights and allow them to take the driver’s seat. You will get rewarded richly for this favour.


Driven by an innate sense of adventure, Sagis are always on the lookout for new experiences. So swap the usual candlelight dinner in favour of a romantic camping trip. Whisper some sweet nothings into their ear and let them take you on a night you’ll never forget.


The practical ones of them all, Capricorns like to be goal-oriented even in the bedroom. Their love for trying out new things is great, but often kept under wraps. So start laying the groundwork early by sending them saucy photos, and ignite their sensual side for an unforgettable night.



For an Aquarius, intellect connection is everything. Their curiosity about trying out new stuff is what makes them interesting. So take a deep breath and be prepared to step out of your comfort zone. Go for impromptu trips, or try out a new eatery every time–the point is to keep them hooked.


They’re hopeless romantics. As quirky as they may appear, their love life is all about old-school romance and cute gestures. Plan a movie night with their favourite rom-com that gives you the chance to snuggle up close. Then, watch these warm-hearted babies surrender themselves to you.

With all this seduction gyaan under your sleeve, what’s stopping you from having the best time?

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01 Dec 2022

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