Tech Talk: This Festive Season Give Yourself A MAJOR Smartphone Upgrade!

Kannagi DesaiKannagi Desai  |  Nov 18, 2018
Tech Talk: This Festive Season Give Yourself A MAJOR Smartphone Upgrade!


‘Tis the season to shop and be merry. While we are all looking at celebrating the festive season with aplomb this is also the time when a lot of us are looking at upgrading our technology, especially our phones. There are so many AMAZING phones in the market, but which smartphone is the one for you?

Well, here’s a handy list of things you should look out for when buying a new smartphone!

1. Hey there, good looking!


Let’s get the basics out of the way, you want your phone to stand out and for it to look good, right? Our phone is sort of an extension of our personalities so it only seems fair that our phones look as good as we do. OPPO’s R series has been coming out with some magnificent not-so-basic colours that would definitely make you the talk of the town. It started with a metallic red for the R9 holiday edition, then there was a red and blue metallic colour combination for their R11 Barcelona edition. With so much innovation, you can only imagine how amazing the next colour for their next launch would be!

2. Camera – Front and Back

Pictures are our life now. We communicate, express, catalogue and make memories with pictures nowadays. So it is absolutely essential for your phone to have the best camera there is out there. Some smartphones give you a fabulous back camera but sometimes scrimmage when it comes to the front. When you’re picking a smartphone, ensure that the front camera is as good if not better than the back camera. OPPO’s R series phones competitively have the best camera phones out there as they understand that the consumer is now slowly gravitating towards using their phone cameras for all sorts of photography and videography.

3. Large screen space

 3 oppo r series legacy

Along with innovation, smartphones have also strived to upgrade themselves in a way where they can provide the best user viewing experiences. If you are looking at upgrading, the most important thing on the checklist should be a full-screen display that gives you optimum visuals without cutting off anything! OPPO through their R series had introduced full-screen display before a lot of phones upgraded their screens. They have gone on to introduced the ‘Super Full Screen’ with a lot more features as the series progressed with new launches.

4. The hard stuff

While it may sound like tech jargon, the hardware is just as important in a smartphone. You need to look at your new smartphone having an optimum and fast processor. You constantly are on your phone and are multitasking more often than not. In cases like this, you want a processor that is as fast as you and that can keep up and not hang out. Again, OPPO has always strived to provide their consumers with the best user experiences with the smallest room for complaints. Their latest the R15 Pro features the fast-moving Qualcomm Snapdragon processors for optimum speed and multi-tasking.

5. Battery Life

 5 oppo r series legacy

This is definitely a make-or-break factor when it comes to buying a smartphone. Your phone could have the best features and the fastest processors but if you have to constantly charge it during the day it would stop being a smartphone and start being a landline. You need to make sure your phone battery is equipped to handle the load of all the features that your phone has to offer. As the OPPO R series has moved through the years and launched new models, with every new model they have ensures that you get an impressive battery life. With their OPPO R series, they have managed to introduce the VOOC Flash Charging technology to ensure you can charge your phone in a flash, and keep it powered up through the day.

6. Easy on the pocket

While we all want the best features on our phone, we also need to have a budget. You wouldn’t want something that’s you’d have to sell a body part for! All jokes aside, we all know the struggle of wanting the best quality but then scrambling about because of the price. OPPO with their R series has always given you technological luxury at a very competitive and affordable price and they will continue to do so.

The OPPO R series legacy would definitely have something that you’re looking for. They believe in real, reform and revolution and the process of regeneration. They strive to empower users with the ability to pursue an extraordinary life. OPPO is currently super excited to bring you the globally acclaimed R17 Pro slated to launch in December.

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