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This Eye Makeup Trend Is On Every ‘It’ Girl’s Beauty List & Here’s How You Can Recreate It

This Eye Makeup Trend Is On Every ‘It’ Girl’s Beauty List & Here’s How You Can Recreate It

History repeats itself and this is true for beauty trends as well. Time and time again we’ve seen the resurgence of many old makeup trends–from ‘80s monochromatic makeup to fuller, bushy brows and even frosty lips. The list is never-ending, and it seems like even a pandemic can’t stop the trends from resurfacing. During the past couples of months, many quarantine beauty fads took over our social feed, and the newest one that’s creating a buzz is the watercolour eye makeup look. With this trend, you get to tap into your creative side and add a more ethereal touch to your eyes. It’s bold, bright, dreamy and fun–a beautiful distraction we could all use right now, given how disastrous the first half of this year has been.  

What Is The Watercolour Eye Makeup Trend?

As the name suggests, it’s all about creating a painted effect on your eyes. The look resembles a watercolour-like effect, with either numerous shades blended together, or one hue spread across the lids. The watercolour trend dominated the runway last year and one of the reasons why we’re seeing the rebirth of this look is due to the post-quarantine rules. Since face masks have been made mandatory, people are using this trend to add a pop of colour to their look and to show off their makeup skills. From famous celebrities to influencers, everyone is turning their lids into a canvas to create this artsy aesthetic.


Don’t be intimidated by its apparent complexity. It may look hard to create but with the help of these tips, design ideas and a whole lot of practice, you too can slay this super pretty eyeshadow look.

Note: This trend is all about adding a pop of colour to your face so your neural shades will need to sit this one out.

How to Perfect The Watercolor Eye Makeup Look

To create the watercolour effect you can use H2O! Yes, along with your palette, you can use a little water to add a soft wash of colour on your lids. Simply wet your makeup brush, then sweep a bit of eyeshadow across the lid to get a stained effect. Do this with all your shades and remember—blending is KEY! 

You don’t need to restrict it only to your eyelids, you can also take the colour up to your brows to create a more Insta-worthy look, but make sure it’s not too harsh or bold.

If you’re afraid to use water, you can go without it as well. Before you start, be sure to prep the lids with primer or concealer. Then, use a flat brush to add colour and a fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend it out. Again, keep in mind that it shouldn’t be too harsh. Every time you add a new shade, blend out the edges to get a soft, diffused look that mimics a watercolour effect and avoid overlapping the shades. 

Get Inspired By These Looks

Whether you love bold colours, neon hues, or pastel shades—there’s something for everyone.

Watercolour Meets Rainbow

When it comes to the watercolour eye makeup trend, this is the most common look. The rainbow look is dreamy and has an out-of-this-world feel to it. To get it right, you can either add all 7 colours across your lids and on your lower lash line or select just a few shades. But remember to blend like it’s your cardio.  

Monochromatic Watercolour Hues

@ erinparsonsmakeup

Tri Colours For The Win 


Here’s a subtle way of embracing this trend. Instead of covering your entire lid, add the watercolour effect only to your crease. Pair it with a dramatic black cat-eye, et voila! Simple yet eye-catching. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab your eyeshadow palette and makeup brushes and bring out the artist in you.

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10 Aug 2020

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