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This Couple Gets Married In The Most Hatke Way & We’re Loving Every Bit Of It

This Couple Gets Married In The Most Hatke Way & We’re Loving Every Bit Of It

Indian weddings are often a grand affair. Opulence usually drives people to spend unfathomable amounts of time and money as they try to make their wedding day a memorable one. However, new-age couples are slowly breaking away from this norm as they replace grandeur with more personal and intimate ceremonies. Take, for instance, Aarushi Punia and Achal Walia, the newly-married duo who tied the knot in in an off-beat way.


Aarushi and Achal dated for four years before the groom popped the question. However, the couple ditched the regular band, baaja, baaraat and opted for a courtroom wedding.

In a now viral video, the love birds documented their special day. And instead of the grand decor, lavish clothes, and day rife with rituals, Aarushi and Achal choose a more understated way to celebrate their love. They were surrounded by close friends and family as the two signed their wedding papers in a court room. This event was followed by a simple lunch where the newly-married duo shared their vows. Here’s a glimpse of what happened on their special day. Take a look:

“My partner and I had a beautiful and funny court wedding where the officer said I’ve never seen people so happy in court because we got married under the Special Marriage Act,” Aarushi said in a discussion with a popular social media portal. The couple also choose not have any rituals.

“I don’t believe in Hindu rituals or religious rituals, I should say. I always told my parents that I will only do a court marriage. I only believe in the law and nothing else. I believe in the law set by Ambedkar,” Aarushi expressed.


But it wasn’t just wedding that was unconventional. Breaking the stereotype that brides must wear a loud and heavy attire with makeup that screams “I’m getting married,” Aarushi was seen donning a minimalistic outfit and makeup.

Talking about her wedding day, the bride said, “I wore a Raw Mango saree and we followed the court marriage with an intimate family lunch at Delhi Gymkhana Club where we read vows to each other. Oh, and I should add, I’m a grey-haired bride, much to the dismay of my dad (lol). I did my make-up on my own and draped my saree on my own too!” Well, kudos to Aarushi for showing people that brides come dressed and decked-up in all ways!


Well, if you’re looking for a sign to celebrate your wedding your way, this is it!

Featured Image: Instagram

21 Sep 2022

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