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11 Things Your Older Sibling Was SO Right About!

11 Things Your Older Sibling Was SO Right About!

Our older sisters and brothers may boss us around and take undue advantage of being “the elder one” at home – but are still the ones you’d go to for extra money, new clothes AND sensible advice! Even though, at times, we may have thought, ‘What would they know about my troubles?!”, they often  knew exactly what was troubling us and even gave us amazing advice to get past it! Here are 11 things your older sibling was completely right about!!

1. “Don’t worry about your career now, you’ll figure it out.”

In our professional lives, all of us try out new things, switch careers, go completely off the track, BUT eventually find that one thing that we feel passionately about – and so often it’s something we had never thought we’d end up doing! There really is no reason to worry over it all!

older sibling 1

2. “Don’t cry over that loser, you’ll get over him and find someone better! ”

As impossible as it may have seemed then – we did move on, didn’t we? And when we did find “the one”, we realized our sisters were not just right about the losers who dumped us, but also right about guys who truly deserve all our love and care!


3. “I’m gonna be there, even when no one else is”

Even when our friends got too busy living their own lives, our bro or sis ALWAYS took time out to hear us crib or rant about life.

older sibling 3

4. “Want to have a great college life? Join a club – sports, theatre, dance, music… ANYTHING!”

All those crazy moments and love stories we look back at in life, well… they NEVER happen inside the classrooms! College life is as much about getting a degree as about figuring out the passions that drive us and the things that excite us, and getting out of the classroom is the only sureshot way to get to know it all!

5. “Don’t get involved in office politics, but don’t take sh*t from anyone either”

How right were they in advising us to steer clear of office gossip, and never try using that to climb the ladder of success, BUT at the same time to also never shy away from giving it back to that colleague who’d been trying to pull us down to win some brownie points with the boss!older sibling 5


6. “Don’t rush into sex, and ALWAYS use protection”

Whether we did or did not heed their advice – we eventually realized that they were right. Sex is an intimate act, one that we tend to remember long after it’s done, and so never in the heat of the moment should we either rush into it or forget caution!

7. “Never put yourself down, there are so many other people to do that for you”

There is no dearth of people ready to tell us why something is a bad idea and we aren’t capable enough to do it – had we ceased to believe in ourselves then, and given in to their malicious negativity, we wouldn’t have ever achieved anything!

older sibling 7

8. “Don’t rush into marriage either, at least not till YOU are ready”

Our older siblings didn’t just tell us to NOT give in to societal or parental pressure – but they also warded off all those chachis and maamis who kept getting acchhe rishtey for us!

9. “It’s okay to make mistakes – everybody does, just learn from them and move on”

After that big mistake we made, it was super hard for us to believe that we’d ever get past it – but we did. And not just that, we realized everyone makes mistakes, including our seniors, they all just quickly fix it, learn from it and walk ahead.


older sibling 9

10. “You’ve got to be patient, everything you want will come to you…”

That period in life when we couldn’t wait to start working and become rich and successful, but life just kept throwing challenges and struggles our way? If it weren’t for patience, we would have lost hope way earlier!

11. “You are so lucky to have me!”

We know we’ve never said it before – so here you are. Big bro/ sis, you were completely right about all these things, and here’s a big thank you for being there for me. You rock! So much love! <3 <3

older sibling 11

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05 May 2016

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