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6 Things Your Guests Don’t Really Care About At Your Wedding!

6 Things Your Guests Don’t Really Care About At Your Wedding!

Log kya kahenge is actually the most used phrase during planning a desi wedding. It doesn’t matter what the bride or the groom want, what becomes more important is how people might react to the arrangements and what they would like to see. That’s what your parents focus on because it’s about their izzat in front of their relatives. And the arrangements can’t fall short of anything that they saw during your bua ke bete ke cousin ki behen ki shaadi. In reality though, it doesn’t matter. None of it does because your guests hardly pay any attention to the decor or the subtle invites that you create only to impress them. They mostly care about the food and of course, the return gifts if at all. So, here are a few things that guests don’t really care about when attending the wedding.

1. Fancy table decor

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Accept it! Your guests are more keen on the menu and the quality of food than the fancy decor you do around it to serve them better. They will savour the food and might not even pay attention to the themed decor. So, why not use all that money to add another dish on the menu? Much more useful, right? Or you could even save it and use it somewhere else!

2. The extravagant invites

You have been taking endless strolls of Chandni Chowk and Chawri Bazar and spending sleepless nights over the internet looking for the perfect wedding invitation to impress your guests. Trust us, ladies! Your guests don’t care. There will be only a few who would actually pay attention to the minute details or the design of your card. The rest won’t even remember. So, instead of spending more on the paper and printing cost, how about you save that money and use it wisely sometime later?

3. Wedding favours

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Just one advice – don’t spend much on wedding favours. People really don’t care about them. Yes, it’s an extremely novel idea and you might have some cute and out-of-the-box ideas, but do people really get it? Will they appreciate the effort you two have put in to find them the wedding favour? A few might but most will not.

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4. Long wedding speeches

Wedding speeches are sweet, yes, but too many and too long speeches fail to entertain. So, if you do want your friends and family to give speeches, ask them to keep it short. Your best friend could share some hilarious anecdotes and your parents could share some emotional memories from your childhood, but that’s about it. Don’t drag it out and put people to sleep.

5. The seating arrangement

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Even though this is a Western trend that has just started picking up the pace in our desi weddings, it’s something your guests would really not be worried about. They come to enjoy the wedding and not just be seated at one place in a row or columns. So, you don’t really have to stress about the seating arrangement at all. Let them be on their own.

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6. Your wedding cake

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Which is the most flavoursome wedding cake that you have ever had? Can you recall? No, right? Exactly, our point. Nobody cares much about the wedding cake or the prince and princess cake toppers. So, there’s absolutely no point in wasting money on those extra tiers of wedding cake. Instead, put that money in for some really nice desserts like cupcakes or chocolate mousse. Just a suggestion! You could maybe cut a small cake later with just your family and friends.

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28 Aug 2018

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