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Getting Married To A Bengali? 10 *Awesome* Things You’ll Totally Get!

Getting Married To A Bengali? 10 *Awesome* Things You’ll Totally Get!

Mishti doi, Tagore, and Calcutta – a few words you will always hear in a Bengali household. And if you’re not a Bengali yourself but are marrying one, a quick crash course to what lies ahead is a must. Don’t worry, there’s nothing to fear, like all of us, they too have a few quirks of their own… Some that you may have already discovered, and some that you’re yet to! So here they are, 10 things you must know if you’re marrying a Bengali.  

1. Hello grammar nazi

If you’re marrying a Bengali, be sure to always be corrected even when you’re typing a message to him or his family. Their English is more polished than your shoes at all times.

1 marrying a Bengali

2. East or west, fish is the best!

They say the way to a man’s heart is through good food. We say, the way to a Bengali man’s heart is through fish curry and rice! You can’t imagine how happy it will make him just knowing that there is fish curry made for lunch. And you’ll be fed loads of it every time you visit a relative!


Have some fun with your Bengali mom-in-law by gifting her this fish shaped cushion! Available on Amazon for Rs 1,621.

3. Ding dong, oh baby sing a song!

You can’t win no singing competition if you have a Bong in the house! Their night is incomplete without dancing or singing along to a classic song… Rabindra sangeet to be precise. There are 80% chances your husband is a singer too. Plus point for a date night? YES!

3 marrying a bengali

4. Simplicity is the best city!

Bengalis believe in simple weddings. They aren’t one of those who like big fat Indian shaadis. Intimate rituals with just the close family and friends and a variety of fish to cater to the taste buds!


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5. Your wedding is something all your friends will be excited to attend

A Bengali wedding is something that every friend wants to attend at least once. From your attire to the rituals to even the “oh lu lu lu” blessings from your family, it’s SO much fun watching a wedding like that!

5 marrying a bengali

6. Books, books and more books

Fun fact about a Bengali? They love reading good books. They love to gain knowledge about everything and anything, whether it’s politics, sports, history or entertainment. So if you too are a bookworm, you’ll have a lot to bond over with his family!


If he’s not already read it, gift your father-in-law ‘Europa – A Sci-Fi Adventure Of Galactical Proportions’  available on Amazon for Rs 220.

7. Easy to understand, not-so-easy to speak

Their language sounds so sweet but can be a little difficult to speak. You will often get confused between names for relatives like pishi and pishemoshai! (But once you ace it, it’s a beautiful language!)

7 marrying a bengali

8. Mishti khabe?

Your wedding will have a great variety of sweets like ‘chum chum’ and how can we forget… their world famous ‘MISHTI DOI’! Trust us, they are all so yummazing! Be ready to put on a few kilos in the first month itself!


Feel like treating yourself to some Misti Doi after reading this?! Order it here for just Rs 55.

9. Spontaneity on point!

They love trying new things, visiting new places, attending plays and learning about other cultures. Be sure that whether it’s visiting a new restaurant, going for a theatre show or even traveling to a new city, they will always be up for it and will in fact research about it in advance just to cover all the important things. Guess who will have an amazing honeymoon? YOU! 😉

9 marrying a Bengali

10. Last but not the least, ami tuma ke bhalo bashi!

You will definitely be hearing this A LOT. From your husband and even all your non-Bengali friends, just as a way of teasing you. Because let’s admit it, everyone has heard of this super cute bangla translation of ‘I love you’. <3


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21 Sep 2017

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