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10 Things You’ll Get If Your Brother Is Younger Than You!

10 Things You’ll Get If Your Brother Is Younger Than You!

A younger brother is usually the baby of the house – you can tease him and even order him around…until he grows up into a man! Uhm, actually, you can totally tease and order him around even then! Here are 10 things you’ll totally get if you have a younger brother…

1. Even though you fight all the time, when he’s away from home, you miss him so much!

And you’re often left wondering if you’re actually missing that there’s no one around to annoy you!

2. After all, he is the reason you NEVER get bored at home…

Or on family vacations, for that matter. He’s always up for ordering in and binge-eating, watching some movie or another or even playing some random game together! younger brother

3. You love to tease him and make fun of him ALL the time

But you would kill anyone who tries to mess with him. Seriously!


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4. You feel super responsible when he comes to you for career or love advice…

You never realised how much he had grown up! “My little brother is thinking about this stuff now? He’s so grown up. And wait, how grown up does that make me?!” younger brother

5. You’re surprised every time he talks about actual guy stuff…

Like, every time, he talks to your dad about shaving his beard – which, by the way, you hadn’t even noticed he had. “He’s just a baby!” new_in_story_banner_500px

6. But funnily enough, he’s the one who’s actually super protective of you

He calls you almost more than your mom when you’re out at night or getting late from work – just to find out if you’re okay. And you find it super sweet to watch him act all grown up, only for you. younger brother


7. He has probably always known about all your relationships, even though he might have pretended not to…

Late night giggling and shushing on the phone – and asking your brother to get out every time he came into your room! He was never too young to understand that!

8. It’s really important to you that your brother and boyfriend get along!

After all, they are two super important men in your life! younger brother

9. You may be irritated with him sometimes, but you still like to spoil him!

Buying random gifts for him with your first and all other subsequent salaries – because he does kind of save your ass a lot. 😛

10. You somehow always feel semi-motherly towards him – and this makes you feel old!

You saw him grow up in front of your own eyes after all! Oops, sounding old again. younger brother GIFs: Tumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: THIS Is What Happens When You Crush On Your Brother’s Friend! MUST-READ: 15 Things You’ll Totally Get If Your Sibling Lives Abroad!

05 May 2016

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