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#Empathy: 10 Things You’ll Get If You’re TOO Understanding!

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016
#Empathy: 10 Things You’ll Get If You’re TOO Understanding!


Are you a girl who really, really feels people? Like, all their emotions, and get where they’re coming from? Forget even real people, you can’t leave the theatre without seriously feeling very strongly about the fictional characters. Yep, girl, you’re one helluva empathetic person. And this list is something you’ll totally get!

1. You understand everyone’s perspective. Even that of the villain of the piece

Yeah, they have feelings too, you know! You felt quite sad at the end of Mr India because Mogambo khush nahin raha.

empathetic person 1

2. And love triangles really, really pull you in all directions

You WANTED Alia to get together with Sidharth, sure, but you didn’t want poor Varun to end up all by his lonesome self!

3. People who don’t care about other people – what IS that?

Like, don’t you guys have hearts? Does it not bother you that your friend’s sister is so upset about her results?

empathetic person 3

4. And then you get WAY too excited when other people have those adorable happy things happen to them.

Your ex got engaged? OMG, that’s so heartbreaking, but you’re so glad he found someone who’ll love him for the rest of his life!

5. For that matter, the Internet and all its proposal videos and puppy videos and cat GIFs…

*Cue ALL the feels*

empathetic person 5

6. You’re SO glad you weren’t Kajol in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

You’d TOTALLY have left Rani and SRK to their “happily ever after”. And then also married Salman because what did HE do wrong, after all?

7. When you watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Ross and Rachel were fighting over whether they were break or not…

It was absolute agony and torture for you! You could see where they were both coming from. DAMN YOU, scriptwriters!

empathetic person 7

8. When your cousin sister had a baby…

You too felt the joy of motherhood! Those adorable baby toes and baby fingers and baby cheeks… *MELTS*

9. You basically feel like you’re PMSing all the time

Hey, you FEEL it when your friends are down.

empathetic person 9

10. But then again, you’re never really depressed for long…

‘Coz when your bestie looks at her phone and smiles at that sweet and silly text her boyfriend sent her, you can feel your heart warming up from the inside!

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