#VirgoGirl: 15 Things You’ll TOTALLY Get If You Are One!

Simar RanaSimar Rana  |  May 5, 2016
#VirgoGirl: 15 Things You’ll TOTALLY Get If You Are One!


Virgo women can be tough to crack. With their composed exteriors, one hardly knows what’s really going on in their minds! But once a Virgo does get close enough to you to be comfortable and herself, there’s only one question you can ask: what’s not to love!? These highly organized women are SUPER fun and fabulous. If you’re a Virgo or know one closely, here are a few things you will absolutely relate to!

1. One word: perfectionist!

Yes, yes, if you’re a Virgo, you know this is true! You are driven to improve and perfect things. And once you decide to take on a task, no chance you won’t do it to the very best of your ability.

virgo woman

2. To the world, you seem you like the most calm, cool, collected person. #PokerFace

On the inside, you’re an intense person whose mind is constantly analysing everything around!

3. You’ve often been told that you’re not a very “warm” person.

“I’m not cold, people! I just take my time opening up!”

virgo woman

4. On the other hand once you do befriend someone…

You’re loyal to the grave!

5. You don’t get what is wrong with people when they ask you why you’ve submitted your assignment 5 days before it’s due!

“Because, hello, I like to do things on time. Sometimes before time. Fine, kind of always before time.”

virgo woman

6. The idea of just being hungover all weekend and doing nothing productive with your time is just horrifying!

Weekends are meant to clean out cupboards and give yourself and your surroundings the much needed attention you can’t really give all through the week!

7. You have a competitive streak which you keep reserved for special occasions.

Such as when your friends decide to play a fun game of dumb charades. 😛

virgo woman

8. It’s kind of unsettling when things are not done in a specific manner…

This is totally legit, okay. Your day just can’t be as great when you haven’t eaten your breakfast exactly how you like it!

9. If you have a question on your mind, you’ve got to ask it. #SorryNotSorry

Fine, you sometimes ask a lot of questions. You’re an inquisitive person, but it’s only because you like to learn new things. Ain’t nothing wrong with that!

virgo woman

10. Messing up at work is not an option.

When you do, you think about it for days!

11. Actual written down lists are needed and very essential in life. (Even if they’re just on your phone)

At least you never double-book meetings with people and know exactly what you need to buy when you go to the market. No pointless wandering around, exhausting yourself till you spot what you need!

virgo woman

12. If your friends ask for your opinion, they know they will get the truth…

No sugar-coating stuff, especially for your friends. You’ve got to be honest with them! Even if they sometimes don’t like what they hear. But you also know that this is exactly why they trust you so much.

13. Losing in any sphere is not something you take lying down!

There has got to be another explanation if you’re wrong. And you will find it one way or another! #MissionNotSoImpossible

virgo woman

14. You are one of the most well-mannered people anyone in your life can ever know!

Doesn’t cost a thing to say please and thank you. So why not use them freely?!

15. And you love doing things for other people…

Sometimes even when you’re angry with them. Making someone else happy makes you happy. Even though you probably will never show it!!

virgo woman

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