19 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re A Late Night Person!

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016


If it wasn’t for coffee and sunglasses, you know you would never be able to make all those early morning (around noon, really) lectures. And in case you end up with a class that starts before 9 a.m., you’re most probably going to make it there quite easily because, well, you haven’t gone to bed yet! Here are a few things you will totally relate to if you’re a late night person!

1. You call your friends up for a nice friendly chat at 2 a.m. and wonder why they scream down the phone: “I’m sleeeeeping, go AWAY!”

Like, jeez – I just fancied a little chat!


2. You just can’t understand why a TV show is scheduled at 11 p.m. and then a re-run is scheduled at 2 a.m.

Why am I being forced to watch re-runs? I want to watch the next episode, grrr!

3. If Twilight wasn’t so lame, you would probably be into this whole vampire thing

Sleep all day, chill all night – sounds like a pretty sweet deal!

4. You shared that whole “Night people are likely to be more intelligent” article all over Facebook

And Twitter. And Tumblr. #Winning


5. Binge-watching an entire season of your favourite show, in one night, takes dedication

But that’s just the kind of conscientious person you are, dammit!

6. Your daily mantra involves the saying: “Tonight, I will go to bed by 11 o’clock”

1:05 a.m.: *Strolls into the kitchen for a casual snack and logs back on to Facebook*

7. Suddenly, after midnight, your life goals become clearer to you.

Hence working while everyone’s in bed becomes the most productive decision you’ve ever made!


8. You’re a PRO at downloading stuff online

Post midnight, no one else is taking up bandwidth! The internet is your solo kingdom, and nothing will be spared.

9. When people are all, like, “You’re just wasting precious moments of the day!”

You’re all, like, “Well, you’re wasting precious moments at night?”

10. You’re sick of people asking: “Why are you up all the time? What do you do all night?”

“Well, I’m actually a super-hero who avenges the world while your lazy ass sleeps all night!” Go on, ask me the question One. More. Time. I DARE you.


11. You’re used to being called a night owl

Because that’s usually the time when your eyes are wide open and you’re always jumping with energy!

12. You sometimes get hungry after your midnight snack and order pizza from a late-night delivery place…

And get an automated response: “Our operating hours are from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. Thank you for calling.” WHAT? It’s 5 o’clock already?!

13. Alarm clocks are the enemy. Like, seriously. “I just slept! Stop waking me up.”

Like, why do people say “Good morning”? I just want to know. WHY?


14. You’re exhausted all day, every day.

Because, well, I’m not a day person?

15. Your parent sometimes get surprised when the see you up in the morning

Then they realize you just haven’t gone to bed yet.

16. Waking up the next morning, you’re like: “Whaaaa? What happened here? Did I even sleep?”

Well, you probably didn’t.


17. You’re one of those few people who gets to see the sunrise first thing in the morning

Perks of not hitting the sack early, yo!

18. While other people go home after the club shuts, you’re on your way to another party down the block

Hell yeah! Sleep all day, dance all night!

19. When you finally wake up the next *morning* and don’t know what on earth is going on…

… you are met by remarks like, “Arre, raat ki raani, tu uth gayi?” Sigh.

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