16 Awesome Things About Being Best Friends With Your Mom!

Divya SharmaDivya Sharma  |  May 5, 2016
16 Awesome Things About Being Best Friends With Your Mom!


She’s been there your whole life and no one can come close to knowing you better than her. Your first smile to your first heartbreak – she has been by your side through it all! And while all of us went through the rebellious stage when we HAD to do what our mums said we shouldn’t, if you have reached the stage that comes after that you’ll know what we’re talking about here! Here are 16 things that happen when your mom is your best friend.

1. You never have to make up an elaborate lie to tell her when you have a date.

She’s also your emergency pick-up if your date is totally horrible.

mom is your best friend 1

2. Your friends always prefer to have sleepovers at your place because your mom totally gets you guys.

Who else will pretend to believe that you want her fancy wine glasses for Coke?!

3. When you’re upset, you never need to hide it from her.

Fights with your school friends or a misunderstanding with your boyfriend, she knows and comforts you through it all.

mom is your best friend 3

4. When you’re away from home, you basically call her every day even if you have nothing new to tell her.

It’s just how you guys roll!

5. You know all of her friends and you know a lot more than they realize…

Because your mom knows you can handle knowing about “adult” situations.

mom is your best friend 5

6. Watching an A-rated movie on the cable is not too uncomfortable.

You don’t have to pretend with her that you don’t know about the birds and the bees!

7. She can actually tell you what happened in your favourite show when you miss an episode.

Because it’s her favourite too! Or at least she’ll keep up with it just out of solidarity.

mom is your best friend 7

8. She always tells you like it is.

There is no sugar-coating if she thinks you’re wrong, but even then when it comes down to it, she always takes your side.

9. Her advice is honestly the best advice.

And so is her comfort food.

mom is your best friend 9

10. You don’t mind cancelling plans with your friends occasionally just to sit at home and vegetate with her.

You always have so much to talk about!

11. She also realizes when her honest opinion isn’t required. Like, when you go shopping.

So she says things like, “Sure, if you like it, you should totally get it” – even if she can’t tell whether it’s a top or a skirt.

mom is your best friend 11

12. She knows your day went horribly just by looking at your face.

And she can also tell when you don’t want to be interrogated about it.

13. She trusts you more than anyone in the world.

After all, who else would have tried the food when you tried to cook for the first time?

mom is your best friend 13

14. She doesn’t mind you laughing when she does something silly.

Just like you feel happy instead of embarrassed when she laughs at you.

15. Not feeling your best before heading out? Showing your mom your outfit results in her clicking 100 pictures of you…

And sending them to masi and chachi because her daughter looks so pretty!

mom is your best friend 15

16. You know all of her secrets – including that time she tried smoking back in college!

She knows you won’t use this knowledge against her, but it’ll help you make more informed decisions in the future.

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