9 Things You'll Totally Relate To If You Work On Weekends!

Divya DhillonDivya Dhillon  |  Dec 14, 2017
9 Things You'll Totally Relate To If You Work On Weekends!


There are three kinds of people – first those who are unemployed, second are the ones who are overworked and then comes the last kind – the ones who work their asses off on weekends! And this, my friends, are us, who never get to see the bright side of the weekend! For us, Saturyays and Sunday brunches are things we’ve only heard about but never lived. So if you work weekends, let me know if you can relate too?

1. Thank God its Friday? 

No, no, no…there is no ‘Thank God its Friday‘ because Fridays do not set you free! Instead you’re caught in an unending loop of work and a little more work!


You live in a constant state of FOMO on Fridays. Scared to open social media and check your friends’ eventful updates! Because that, my friend, makes you feel sadder about your life. While everybody is out partying, you have an early night in because you cannot be hungover at work tomorrow

3. You miss ‘PMS’ing! 

Those late Sunday ‘precious morning sleeps’, not for you, my girl! You’re up on Sundays before most humans because there is work that needs to be done and things need to be accomplished. 
3 work weekends

4. When you get a day off to finally do something

None of your friends is available because who in this world gets an off on a weekday! Sadly, you end up spending your day offs in bed, watching trashy television because you have nobody else to hang out with.

5. But being able to sleep in on a Monday morning can turn the tables around!

Monday blues, my foot! While the world is cribbing about going to work, you’re in bed, sleeping peacefully. It almost makes everything worth it.

6. But missing out on probably all of your favourite events & sales definitely bring back the blues!

Why are all the best sales and deals on the weekend? The weekdays are just as important, for god’s sake!
6 work weekends

7. Long weekends are a myth

Everyone is talking about it and has been saving destinations for this extended weekend and you? Hahaha! Go do the pending chores, you have work tomorrow, lady! 

8. Your friends have given up on you 

Your friends know that inviting you to plans and asking you to chill is pointless. Instead, your work is your best friend! *sigh*

9. Empty roads and metros are a blessing though!

Alas you don’t have to deal with the traffic on roads and can even enjoy the ride in metro! 
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