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15 Things You’ll Get If You Absolutely LOVE Your Sleep!

15 Things You’ll Get If You Absolutely LOVE Your Sleep!

Call it what you may – nap, snooze, slumber, siesta – sleeping in all its glorious forms is your one true love! You cannot stop thinking about the time you will finally hit your bed even while you’re wide awake and doing other stuff. Here are a few things you will totally get if you absolutely love your sleep!

1. You do not understand why everyday life cannot start after noon.

Like, seriously, I need my beauty sleep, dammit.


love to sleep 1

2. You can sleep anywhere, anytime. No bed needed, really.

That’s why you were always asleep behind a book during class in school!


3. You have, on multiple occasions, ditched everyone you know to just sleep!

“Not feeling too well. Think I’ll just stay in tonight.” *Sleeps*

4. Your plans always depend on how much sleep you can get that night…

Obviously you’re going to calculate how many hours of sleep you’re going to get before heading out. You need to be back home and in bed accordingly!


love to sleep 4

5. A holiday for you does not mean visiting new cities and travelling the world…

It means finding a nice comfy bed somewhere in a room that has a great view. Wake up, stare out of the window, go back to sleep.


6. If you had to choose between getting out of bed to eat or just sleep…

You would pick sleep any day. Because no one ever died of starvation, right? Sleep deprivation, on the other hand…

7. The sight of a comfy bed and pillows gives you more joy than anything else.

Even more than a tub full of ice cream or Indian Chinese food!


love to sleep 7

8. You love the winter.

Not because of the weather or anything, but because the feeling of getting and warm and cosy in bed before falling asleep is just unbeatable!


9. But waking up when when it’s still dark outside…

Is kind of a killjoy for you!

10. Not having to set the alarm for the next day…

Gets you more excited than seeing your new crush!


love to sleep 10

11. Naptime is and forever will be your favourite time!

There is just no debating that.


12. Pulling an “all nighter” is just not something you can understand..

I mean, why would you want to stay up all night to do ANYTHING?!

13. Weekends are meant for sleep.

And anyone who doesn’t agree with that stands a very slim chance of being your friend.


love to sleep 13

14. You’ve learnt how to convince your friends to have sleepovers rather than going out…

What better than bed, some yummy food and gossip?!


15. Parting with your bed in the morning is more painful than parting with your boyfriend.

True story.

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05 May 2016
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