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15 Things You’ll Totally Get If Your Sibling Lives Abroad!

15 Things You’ll Totally Get If Your Sibling Lives Abroad!

We really miss our siblings when they are not with us, and especially if they live in another country far away! The different time zones, the difference lifestyles and the different environment – sometimes it gets hard to connect, but we still find a way! Here are 15 things that you’ll totally relate to if your brother or sister lives abroad!

1. Lots of free goodies…

One of the perks of having a sibling abroad is that you can definitely expect a lot of presents from your favorite brands!

2. Your parents are super fluent with FaceTime, Skype or Hangout!

Yes, we know the importance of this medium of communication – the most real-time conversations you can ever have!

3. You become the new Snapchat and WhatsApp queen yourself!

Got to send them updates of every moment of your life – it has to be done.


3 sibling living abroad

4. Waking up at random hours in the middle of the night!

The ping on the phone – a call or message! Thanks to the difference in day and night times for you guys.  

5. No one to accompany you to the boring family parties. 🙁

We really miss them when we are dragged to these occasions and we know how difficult it is to get out of those.

6. We become pros at stalking them on social media!

How else can you keep up with their lives otherwise?


6 sibling living abroad

7. Another home in a faraway country…

Planning a vacation isn’t that tough when you’ve got a place to stay!

8. Not being able to bully them or fight over silly things!

It’s hard when you cannot find someone to share things with, fight over the remote control  or ask them to cover for you at home when you are late!

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9. And you really, really miss them!

Despite of all the fights you have when they are here, you wish they had stayed with you a bit longer!

9 sibling living abroad

10. A never-ending shopping list when they finally arrive home!

Things have to be bought and packed in time for this once or twice  a year opportunity – got to maximize your ability to take advantage of the baggage limit, you know!

11. Gentle reminders to call family and friends back home!

So that they can still be part of everybody’s lives while they are away and people don’t forget them.


12. The countdown to the very day they are coming home!

Stocking up on their favorite things, making plans around them and looking forward to them coming home is one helluva exciting period!

12 sibling living abroad

13. Feeling super-jealous of all those new exotic destinations that they go to!

We wish we could be there too, travelling and discovering new places!

14. Those special times when they make it to those memorable moments of our lives!

Yes, we can literally count them on our fingers. Not something to be taken for granted.


15. But however far they are, you will always be connected to them!

Whichever part of the world they are in, they are the closest to us every second of our lives!

15 sibling living abroad

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05 May 2016

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