Dear Y, Find Your Own X: 17 Things You’ll Get If You HATE Maths

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016
Dear Y, Find Your Own X: 17 Things You’ll Get If You HATE Maths


Some of us got everything the teacher was talking about during maths class. SOME of us. Maybe, like, 1% of the population. If you’re part of the other 99% (like us), then this one is totally for you!! They say that maths is all about logic. What the hell is so logical about all this sh*?!

1. WHY are there so many letters? Isn’t maths suppose to be numbers?

hate maths

2. Wait a second, that’s NOT EVEN ENGLISH!!

3. Sin, cos, tan? What tangent are you ON, man? But hey, that trigo joke was pretty funny: alpha-Q-B-cos-U-R-2-sec-C!

4. UGHHH, life was so simple before this.

5. I spent 32 minutes solving this and now LHS is NOT equal to RHS? FML.

hate maths

6. “A train leaves B station at blah-blah-blah time. And C train leaves D station at gah-gah-gah time. At what point do they meet?” Why are you asking ME? That’s what a bloody train schedule is for!!

7. Closed sets, open sets, infinite sets – if it’s infinite, HOW can I put it down on paper?

8. What is the probability of me going mad before understanding this? 1.2!

9. Geometry was suppose to be the easyyyy part! When did it get 3-dimensional?


10. Parabola? Is that the umbrella you put on top of a pram?

11. WHY do I have to learn the proof of this theorem? Isn’t the whole point that someone solved this already, like, 5,500 years ago?

12. Differentiation, integration, differential equations… If it goes on this way, I will have no equation left with my sanity! Please, mom, integrate me with my bed instead.

13. “You’re travelling upstream on a raft at XXX speed. The river is flowing downstream at YYY speed. When are you going to reach point ZZZ?” WTH, just ditch the raft and swim to the bank already, you moron.

hate maths

14. Logarithm. Means what? Sleeping like a log, but rhythmically?

15. When your teacher asked “Do you have any questions about pi?” and you raised your hand and said “Can I have a slice?”… It was FUNNY, dammit!

16. WTF is permutation combination? The chemical combo that gives you a frizzy perm??

17. Pythagoras Theorem: a² + b² = c². Cool. Algebra: a² + b² = (a + b)² – 2ab. WTF?????

hate maths

NO, thank you, I can get along just fine without all this – my phone has a calculator.

hate maths

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