11 Things You’ll Understand If You Get Addicted To EVERYTHING!

Simar RanaSimar Rana  |  May 5, 2016
11 Things You’ll Understand If You Get Addicted To EVERYTHING!


Some of us obsess over things, some of us don’t really care, and a few just get addicted to them. No, we don’t mean alcohol and stuff – we mean every single damn thing in life! It’s true – there is a whole community of “easily addicted” people out there! Read on to find out if you’re one of them!

1. You start watching a show online and BAM – no one hears from you for the next three days!

Because obviously you must binge watch it and finish the whole season before the week is even over! You HAVE to know what happens next, you can’t survive the night without your fix.

easily addicted

2. If you like a song you heard on the radio, you will find it and play it on repeat.

Till you absolutely can’t bear to listen to it anymore. You can tell from the vibrations in the air that “Gulaabo” is playing in the neighbour’s house down the lane.

3. Opening a packet of chips or cookies, a can of Coke, or even a jar of Nutella means you have to finish it!

There are just no two ways. if you open it, you’ve got to finish it.

easily addicted

4. When you started reading the Harry Potter series or Game of Thrones, your friends almost thought you had been kidnapped.

Because, well, you were nowhere to be found – or even heard of – for a while. Little did they know that you were sitting in the exact same position on your couch and only ever letting go of the books to go to the washroom.

5. That one time you started playing Candy Crush…

You got to level 399 in a week. You didn’t really get anything else done in those seven days.  

6. If someone mentions something you haven’t heard of before…

You will do your research till you know everything about it and more! You must know everything. Because you just must.  

easily addicted

7. But you also live in fear of new things, really.


8. If you go to a restaurant often, it is almost certain that you always eat the exact same dish there.

No need to look at the menu. You already tried something and it was good. So now you must eat it till the world runs out of it! Or the restaurant stops serving it. And then you’ll spend many days and hours researching restaurants that serve exactly that same thing, made exactly that same way… You NEED IT.

9. If your New Year’s resolution is to get the perfectly fit body of your dreams…

There is no stopping you from being the first one at the gym every single day till you actually achieve it. You might even continue after. (What? You people didn’t think gymming could be an addiction?)

easily addicted

10. Withdrawal symptoms are very, very real for you.

When you started watching that new show and had to wait a week for the next episode to be aired, you could barely focus on anything else and read every single review of that single episode and started following the stars on Twitter and Insta and even joined a couple of fan forums. To the extent that you got so fidgety and nervous that a friend even enquired whether you were on drugs or something.

11. You have “quit” more things than most people even have the chance to get addicted to in their lives…

Tea, coffee, sugar, red lipstick, TV shows, authors who write 50-book series, teen patti, Maggi… The list is endless. But quit them you must – for how else will you get the time and energy to “enjoy” even MORE things?

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