17 Things You’ll Get if You’re From NCR But NOT Delhi!

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016
17 Things You’ll Get if You’re From NCR But NOT Delhi!


To all those of you who live about an hour away from Delhi (Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida, Faridabad – hear, hear!), and probably travel almost EVERY day to the Capital City – here are 17 things you’ll totally get about being from NCR, NOT Delhi…

1. People always tell you that you aren’t really from Delhi…

You completely agree with them! You’re not sure, though, why people think they need to tell you that all the time.

living in Delhi NCR

2. “But where did you live before that?” is a question you’ve heard too many times to count.

Um, just because it became NCR only a few years ago doesn’t mean it didn’t exist before that!

3. Though your weekend plans almost always involve going to Delhi…

Especially if they are shopping related.

4. ‘Coz there isn’t anything like Sarojini Nagar in your city.

Or Lajpat Nagar. Or Chandini Chowk. You could go on and on…

living in delhi NCR

5. All your friends who live in actual Delhi crib about where you live way too often.

“But you toh live in a different state altogether! BORDER ke uss taraf!”

6. Though you can’t blame them. Every time you have to go to a different city in the NCR, you seriously try to get out of it.

Having to cross TWO borders just sounds tiring!

7. Your dream job is obviously not in your city.

It’s just always an hour’s drive away, somewhere in Delhi!

living in Delhi NCR

8. Auto by meter?

Yeh kya hota hai?

9. You would totally move to Delhi JUST avoid the power cuts.

Inverter ke bina toh you can’t survive the summer!

10. Or to even avoid those many, many pot holes on the road!

Hello, nation’s leaders. Please pay attention to not just the Capital, but also the Capital Ring?!

living in Delhi NCR

11. But then you realize how much more rent you would have to pay in Delhi…

Uh, yeah, I’m good.

12. When the petrol sign comes on in your car…

You beg and plead with it to just reach Delhi before it gives up entirely! #LivingOnABudget

13. People NEVER believe that you travel to Delhi for work.

Including people AT your workplace. “Itni door se aate ho?!” 

living in Delhi NCR

14. And get confused about whether you’re from Haryana or UP…

They’re different STATES, guys! Geography nahin padha, kya?

15. And insist on pissing you off by asking questions like “Do you even have malls there?”

Folks, open your eyes and just be a bit AWARE! Just because my pin code doesn’t start with 110 doesn’t mean I live in the 19th century!!

16. Though you ARE still waiting for a Forever 21 outlet to open up in your city.

Cyber City bann gaya, why not Forever 21, guys?!

living in Delhi NCR

17. On the other hand, Kingdom of Dreams and Drizzling Land…

Sometimes, you gotta step out of Delhi for your amusement! 🙂

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