10 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’ve Ever Sexted A Guy!

Anasuya RayAnasuya Ray  |  May 5, 2016
10 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’ve Ever Sexted A Guy!

Let’s face it, sexting is quite a common pastime by now. And no, it’s not always the graphic, super naughty thing that people make it out to be – it’s just another way of connecting with your partner, and also hugely entertaining! Here are a few things you’ll totally relate to if you’re in the habit of sexting your guy!

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1. You always delete the conversation after you’re done…

Because, you know, you can’t trust people. 😛

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2. And NO ONE has your passcode

You’ve even turned off your text pop-up notifications – because what if he says something naughty, and your mom sees it?!

3. Of course, your mom is very curious to know what you’re texting about all the time…

And you’re like, “Studies, mom!”

4. You’ve had at least one mini panic attack because you thought you sent the sext to someone else and not your boyfriend

Thankfully it was just your bestie. And not your uncle or something.

5. When your boyfriend’s being all blah and talking about boring stuff…

You deliberately say things that have double meanings in order to make the conversation a bit more…exciting. 😛

sexting your guy

6. Of course, you soon have to leave to do some really lame thing like folding your clothes because your mum’s been on your case about it…

But you tell him, “Ooh, I need a shower now. Speak to you when I’m all freshly moisturized!”

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7. And then you’re lying in bed in your pajamas and with some weird multani mitti face pack on…

And typing out shit like “Oooh, my bra is so sexy, you’ll LOVE it!” Because it is a RULE – that you’re always dressed way sexier than your torn jeans and phatichar T-shirt.

8. And he says “Send me a pic…”

Oops. “The lights are off,” you lie shamelessly, “and my front camera is not very good. Send you tomorrow morning?”

9. Next morning, you go shopping for toothpaste and a razor – and he texts you a reminder in the form of “Hey, how you doing?”

And you’re like, “Going lingerie shopping!”

sexting your guy

10. You fiiiiinally send him a pic of you looking super-hot!

Which you clicked ages ago when you were looking just about amazing and clicked a million selfies – and your bestie shortlisted the best of the lot for you. 😛

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