12 Things You’ll TOTALLY Get If You Have Curly Hair!

Phalasha NagpalPhalasha Nagpal  |  Jul 12, 2016
12 Things You’ll TOTALLY Get If You Have Curly Hair!


Here are some incredibly honest and funny things that each curly-haired girl can totally relate to… So much that I can already imagine her nodding in agreement as she reads on, and as for the straight-haired folks, it’s time to learn about people from the other side.

1. Curls have a mind of their own

Some days you wake up looking like Rapunzel, with your perfect curly long tresses, ready to take on the world. While on other days, you resemble that electrocuted dude from the Center Shock ad! 1 curly haired girl

2. You’ve been growing your hair since 10,000 B.C….

Remember the time you decided not to get a haircut and leave your hair to grow long? Well, neither do I…! Because you started growing them once upon a time and each time the strands grow a couple of inches longer, they curl up and look as though they didn’t grow at all. (Ugghh! SO frustrating!)

3. A comb…. um, never heard of that before!

A curly-haired girl wastes no time in combing and brushing her hair (honestly, because it’s basically impossible to do so) And the same idea is absolutely appalling for the straight-haired folks. Guess what girls? We save a hell lot of time while dressing up! 3 curly haired girl

4. Here comes the Hungry Monster

Whatever enters your mane, your curls are sure to consume it! Whether they are bobby pins, tic-tacs or even insects if you please! Also read: 8 Things That Are Too True If You HATE Cooking!

5. The typical death stare by the salon lady

Each time you visit the salon to get your hair straightened, the salon lady stares at you as if she saw bloodthirsty Satan in all its glory. We curly-haired girls know that straightening the curls can take a while (a very, very long while), but can you spare us the drama!? 5 curly haired girl

6. You get this a lot from people: “Don’t you wish you had straight hair?”

NO! I don’t wish I had straight hair, though I do wish you understood that as much as I complain about my unmanageable hair, I absolutely love my curls!

7. Are those even real or do you curl them every day?

If I got a dollar for each time someone asked me that question, I’d possibly be competing with the Ambanis by now! From colony aunties to office colleagues, people have a tough time believing human beings can be born with curly hair. Yes, they’re real, guys! 7 curly haired girl

8. Styling ain’t no hassle 

No time wasted on brushing and styling! Besides, curly-haired girls literally have just 3 hairstyles: a) Let them down, b) tie them up in a ponytail or c) go for the Taylor Swift style cute bun. I can almost see scores of curly-haired girls nodding in agreement for this one. Also read: 11 Things You’ll Get If Your Bestie Is A Bit Of A Drama Queen!

9. You’re commonly known as Maggi hair!

Well, whatever that means! Every curly-haired girl has heard that before. Just because I have curly hair, stop comparing me to a packet of noodles!! 9 curly haired girl

10. Looking for products for curly hair? Good luck with that!

Finding shampoos, conditioners and masks, specifically for curly hair is like finding pearls in an ocean.

11. You feel like a princess!

The lack of role models in Bollywood, flaunting curly hairstyles, may put you off your ringlets. But dear curly-haired girl, fret not! Don’t like your hair? Better starting loving them because not only do they look exotic but they also lend you a very royal look. Princesses have curly tresses…whether it’s Queen Cersei from Game of Thrones or the Disney Princess Merida! 11 curly haired girl

12. Global warming alert!

For curly-haired girls, the effects of global warming are real! Curls are dry and frizzy throughout the hot and humid summer. Even pouring gallons of oil into our mane doesn’t quite save us from the misery.


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