12 *WTF* Things People Say That Upset The Bride And Groom!

Manvi MalhotraManvi Malhotra  |  Jul 18, 2017
12 *WTF* Things People Say That Upset The Bride And Groom!

Your first reaction to the news of a close friend or a dear one getting married is excitement. You start planning all the shopping trips, the dance preparations, the bachelor/bachelorette trips and all that is there to plan during a wedding. But no matter how excited you are and however close you may feel to the bride or groom-to-be, there are some things which you should never mention to either of them. Wondering what they are? Well, here’s a list of things you should NEVER say to the bride and groom, before, during or after the wedding!

1. Are you excited for the wedding night?

Okay, now that’s just invading their personal space. Of course, they are looking forward to their wedding night, but why would they go around broadcasting their excitement?

2. What if you get cold feet before the wedding?!

Now that’s not a very nice thing to put in their heads. More often than not, even if people are not nervous, they tend to get anxious when someone constantly reminds them of such things. So just don’t!

2 never say to the bride and groom- upset gifs

3. Is ‘so-and-so’ invited to your wedding?

Hey! It’s their special day. Asking them about their exes and long-lost friends before their wedding is just uncomfortable!

4. How much did your wedding outfit cost?

Don’t ask such questions as it will make them feel extremely uneasy! If they want to tell you, they will!

5. You should definitely go on a diet before your D-Day…

This not-so-subtle way of telling the bride or groom that they are fat is just not done! If they want to lose weight, they will. If not, then please let them be comfortable in their skin and don’t make them conscious unnecessarily.

5 never say to the bride and groom- pissed deepika

6. It’s so great that you are FINALLY getting married…

Now, the statement without the ‘finally’ is great, but as soon as you add this dreadful word to the sentence, it just become outright offensive! Do we really need to explain why!

7. What is your wedding budget?

Why ask unless you are the bride, the groom or someone from their immediate family (in which case you will not need to ask, obviously).

8. When do you plan to have kids?

Let them handle one thing at a time, people! Do you want them to be all wound up thinking about so many things right before their wedding? They are already stressed…

8 never say to the bride and groom- angry deepika

9. Do you like your in-laws and do they like you? *sigh*

This seems like a perfectly harmless query, right? But it might hurt someone who does not get along well with their in-laws for some reason! So, if you’re not sure about the rapport they share with their in-laws, don’t dampen their cheery mood with such random questions…

10. You must be so sad that you will never be able to date again, no? Doesn’t the commitment part scare you?

Of course, it doesn’t scare them and even if there is this teeny-tiny part of them that is upset about not being able to date again, then you don’t have to mention it and bring it to the forefront.

11. Your husband/wife is sooo hot!!!

Okay, that is inappropriate.. The words you might be looking for are gorgeous or pretty or handsome, but definitely not hot and sexy. This is offensive to another level.

11 never say to the bride and groom- surprised gifs

12. What if the wedding planner screws up?

Do you think this thought never came to their mind? Of course it did! In fact, they are probably flipping out imagining everything that could go wrong with their wedding. Please, please do not give them another reason to lose their calm!

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