Waxing 101: 8 Things You Should Never Do *After* A Wax!

Priyanka GhuraPriyanka Ghura  |  Jul 4, 2016
Waxing 101: 8 Things You Should Never Do *After* A Wax!


Sure, you’ve been doing it for years now and it leaves you feeling so smooth and soft for the next few weeks, but waxing can be pretty traumatic for your skin. Your skin can be sore and more prone to infections for the next couple of days. We give you a few important things you should never do after waxing while your skin is in this tender stage. Take note ladies, it’s important you remember these after your next appointment.

1. Taking A Dip

1 things you should never do after waxing

Definitely avoid public swimming pools for a few days. Like we said, your skin can be more prone to bacteria and infections for the next couple of days.

2. Chilling In The Sun

Your skin is super sensitive at the moment and sensitive skin is more susceptible to harmful UV rays. Sun damage can lead to pigmentation and wrinkles so try staying indoors as much as you can immediately after a wax and make sure to use an SPF lotion.

3. Having Sex

2 things you should never do after waxing

Sorry, but you may want to avoid sexy time for about 2 days after you wax. The friction can lead to chafing of your super sore and sensitive skin. This is especially true after a bikini wax. Don’t worry, it’s just for a couple of days and hey, cuddling is nice too!

4. Using Products With Fragrances

That includes perfumes, lotions and shower gels that contain fragrances or artificial colours. These ingredients are a major no-no for your freshly waxed skin to avoid irritation.

5. Pulling On Those Skinny Jeans

5 things you should never do after waxing

We all know we should wear airy clothes after our appointment, but actually we should avoid tight clothes for the next 2 days! Let your skin breath and avoid tight clothes and materials that will rub sensitive spots and cause redness and rashes. Boyfriend jeans and maxi dresses are perfect during this time – because why should you compromise on your style?!

6. Going For A Zumba Class

You’ve got the perfect excuse to skip your workout without feeling guilty. Intense workouts are a really bad idea after you wax as they can cause friction on waxed areas and sweating can lead to irritation and infections.

7. Exfoliating Your Skin

7 things you should never do after waxing

We know, you never thought you’d hear us say NOT to exfoliate, but we just mean for the first couple of days after your wax. Waxing is a kind of exfoliation process itself since it removes the topmost layer of dead skin with your hair, making it more sensitive to damage with any kind of scrubbing. You can go back to your skincare regime after the first 2 days.

8. Getting Too Hot

Getting too hot exaggerates irritation and redness and sweating helps spread bacteria. Make sure to crank open the window for sufficient ventilation or keep the AC on to help you stay cool.

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