Shapewear To The Rescue! 7 Things You NEED To Know

Divya SharmaDivya Sharma  |  May 5, 2016


Gone are the days of having to wear a corset for a tiny waist! You don’t have to put yourself through that anymore – you have the world of shapewear to choose from! And let no one tell you otherwise: there really is nothing to be embarrassed about the fact that sometimes – especially on the super-dressy days – we need a little help to look our best!

1. Try before buying

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Like with most of your bras, we seriously advise you to not buy shapewear until you’ve tried it. There is a really close line between finding your perfect size and not being able to breathe at all – and it should be not be crossed at all costs! You don’t want to be stuck wearing something you can’t even drink a sip of water in, do you? Also, the only way to know if the shapewear you choose is doing the job is to try it on and then wear your clothes over it. If you can notice a difference, it’s obviously a really good sign!

2. Know which kind you need


If you’re under the impression that one kind of shapewear will smoothen your whole figure out, then you’ve got it wrong. Identify which area you want to address, and specifically buy shapewear that’ll focus on that area primarily. For example, a control brief will focus on your abdomen, rear and hip area; while a bodysuit will tone your abdomen, back and bust if it has a built-in bra.

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3. Care instructions are worth the read

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Shapewear isn’t like the rest of your clothing, and you shouldn’t treat it as such. Putting it in the washing machine might not always be a great idea, so take a minute and go through the care instructions to make sure you get the most out of it. After all, you don’t want to stretch it out of its shape, do you?!

4. Support levels can be different


Every kind of shapewear comes with different levels of support. Figure out what purpose you want your shapewear to serve, and go from there. If you only want something to smoothen out your thighs, you’ll need less support than if want to actually want to tighten up to the point of reducing a size. Also, light and medium control can be worn on a more regular basis than high-control shapewear. Wearing too-tight shapewear all the time leaves you at the risk of hampered blood circulation and other actual medical problems.

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5. You can’t replace your diet or fitness regime with it!

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While shapewear tends to take care of many of our “issues”, it’s no reason to give up on our fitness goals. Always remember: it’s a cheat method, and more than a little bit inconvenient to put on every day. Not a free pass on gym time!

6. Not too big, not too small

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If your shapewear feels too tight, buying it in a bigger size will NOT make it more comfortable – opt for a lesser degree of control. And buying it in a size smaller if you feel like it’s not smoothening stuff out or tucking stuff in enough is also a bad idea – it’ll only cause an unflattering fit with awkward bulges under your clothes and, more often than not, it will be visible!

7. Perfect the art of putting it on

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We know it can look a bit intimidating at times, but there is a correct way of putting on shapewear. The most important thing to remember is that if there are any hooks involved they should be snapped shut before you put it on, as it’s unlikely that you’ll be able close it later. Another thing to remember is to always step into the shapewear and then roll it up/ over your body – just like you would wear socks. This ensures that your arms or head don’t get stuck in any awkward positions. Do not tug or stretch – take it off and start again!

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