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13 Crazy Things Every Girl Has Done When Her Parents Were Away!

When the cat is away, the mice will play. Yes, ladies, we’re talking about your parents and you! The moment they step out, you start plotting ways to cause chaos in the house. If you’re grinning right now, this is a list you will definitely relate to. Here are 13 things we’ve all been guilty of doing when our parents were away! 

1. Calling your friends over and throwing a major party! Even if your folks had stepped out only for a few hours.

home alone in india

2. Turning the music up really high! And ignoring the neighbours when they try to complain.

3. Inviting your boyfriend over. When else were you going to get an opportunity like this?

home alone in india

4. Trying out all of your mom’s expensive clothes and jewellery. Especially the ones she didn’t even let you touch. And definitely spraying yourself with her fanciest and most expensive perfume!

5. Stealing alcohol from your dad’s stash and trying to make fancy cocktails. And failing horribly!

6. Staying up all night and watching horror movies and bingeing out on popcorn. And everything unhealthy you could find in the house.

home alone in india

7. Going through your dad’s stuff looking for spare change that he might have left lying around, and finding something unexpected. Like cigars. And you didn’t even know he smoked! Proceeding to try one and almost throwing up.

8. Then going through your mum’s things and finding a middle school report card. She failed maths! TWICE!

home alone in india

9. Jumping on the sofa. Jumping on your parents’ bed. Dancing on the dining table. Because you CAN.

10. Sneaking out of the house at night. With your parents car keys of course! And taking all of your friends for a spin.

11. Leaving the AC on when you step out of the house. Expectation of comfort when you come back: ten; responsibility level: zero.

home alone in india

12. Going through your mom’s old college boxes and finding a love letter addressed to her. Unsigned. Hmm.

13. Heating up the tetra pack of milk. In the microwave. Watching it burst and then not being able to make the microwave work any more. Oh NO!!

home alone in india

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06 May 2016

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