20 Thoughts Every Dulhan Ki Behen Has When Her Elder Sister Is Getting Married

Priyambada DubeyPriyambada Dubey  |  Apr 4, 2019
20 Thoughts Every Dulhan Ki Behen Has When Her Elder Sister Is Getting Married


Sisters have a love-hate relationship. They fight with each other, annoy each other but they always have each others’ back. Your sister is your first BFF and partner in crime. She has your weirdest childhood pictures, hates the same relatives, and knows you more than you probably know yourself. So when she is getting married, it is natural to experience a whirlwind of emotions. You will feel happy and sad at the same time. Happy because she has finally found the one she is going to spend the rest of her life with and sad because she will no longer be there around you. You are gonna miss her a lot. Here are all the thoughts that come in your mind when your dearest sister is getting married:

1. ‘I Don’t Believe She Is Getting Married!’

When did we grow up? The last I remember, we were fighting over the TV remote!

2. ‘Oh My God, There’s So Much To Plan!’

Her lehenga, makeup, shoes, lingerie and her honeymoon – there’s so much to do and so little time.

3. ‘Do I Need To Lose Weight?’

Otherwise, how would this lehenga ever fit me?


4. ‘How Do I Handle Her Bridezilla Mode?’

Why is she panicking? Can I just run away? I don’t want to deal with this anymore

5. ‘I Will Give A Killer Performance At Her Sangeet’

I need to think of some really good songs first. The ladkiwale have to win at all costs!


6. ‘I Get To Look The Hottest!’


All eyes would be on me. After all, I am the dulhan ki behen.

7. Wait, I Need To Plan Her Bachelorette First

We will get drunk to the point of passing out.

8. ‘I Am So Tired I Need A Holiday’

I will go on a long vacay once the bidayi is done.

9. ‘Does She Have Any Idea How Hard I Am Working?’

She better be grateful for the rest of her life.

10. ‘But Anything To Have Her Room And Closet To Myself!’

All her pretty dresses will now be mine. Yayyy!

11. ‘Will I And Her Husband Get Along?’

I really hope he is chilled out. I will be hanging out with him so much more now.

12. ‘She Is Not That Annoying After All!’

She convinced mom for that Goa trip too.

13. Who’s Going To Listen To My Meaningless Blabber Now?

And still, make sense of it.

14. ‘And Who Is Going To Help Me With The Makeup?’

*googles how to apply the perfect eyeliner*

15. ‘Why Is Everyone Being So Nice To Her?’

Hello, I exist too!

16. ‘I Am Going To Miss Her So Much!’

*Wipes tears*

17. ‘Oh God, Am I Next?’

Give me a minute to let that sink in.

18. ‘How Will I Deal With My Life Problems Now?’

*Counting the times she saved me from my parents’ wrath*

19. ‘Suddenly I Feel So Responsible Towards My Family.’

I think I will start with helping mom in the kitchen.


20. ‘Will She Still Love Me In The Same Way?’

Will she still treat me like her little baby? I hate the idea of sharing all her and attention.

Get ready to experience these things before your sister takes her wedding vows. If you have an elder sister, who is about to get married soon, go and tell her how much you love her before she is already gone.

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