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12 Things You Totally Get If You’re The “Single” Friend!

It’s not that you don’t love your friends – and you are totally happy for them that they are in great relationships with great guys – but there are some challenges to being the only girl who is single in your gang. Here are 12 things only a girl who is the single friend will get!

1. Looking for interesting things to stare at when there’s a “mush avalanche”. You are used to staring at your phone. A LOT.

single friend


2. But while they split their soup into two, you can have your food ALL to yourself! 😀

3. The term “Ladies Night” gets a whole new definition. “I hope it’s cool with you if HE tags along.” Of course, of course. (He’s paying for the shots, right?)

single friend

4. You find yourself caught between a sparring couple more often than you like.

5. If a cute guy approaches your group, you automatically get dibs. Yay!

single friend


6. Of course, you inevitably end up being the one they turn to for relationship advice. Fine, you know them both equally well – but can’t anyone see the irony here?!

7. You’ve learnt to be the third wheel, the fifth wheel and even the seventh wheel at times. No big deal – you know how to roll with anything!

single friend

8. But it’s cute how all your girl besties who are in committed relationships rely on you for spicy dating gossip. Perils/perks of being the only one who actually meets “new guys” any longer!

9.Your friends and their boyfriends are always trying to set you up with people. You know they love you and all, but you just wish they would understand that you like making your own choices!

Single Friend

10. You hate how your besties don’t share your “who should I take as my date to this upcoming event” problem any longer!

11. You have an unlimited supply of “unhealthy PDA” jokes. (Deal with it, guys, deal with it.) 😛

single friend

12. And you love how you are the official Tinder tutorial giver in your group! 😀

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06 May 2016

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