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12 Cute & Fun Things To Do With Your Besties At Your Sleepover!

Manika ParasherManika Parasher  |  May 19, 2016
12 Cute & Fun Things To Do With Your Besties At Your Sleepover!


Having a bestie who understands your weird, crazy, cool and sometimes not-so-cool yet wonderful self is the most precious thing in the whole wide world! And a sleepover with her is nothing short of a trip to stress-free-get-a-life land! After all, who wouldn’t want an uber comfy, uninterrupted catch-up session with her bestie? So, here are a few things you can do with your bestie during a sleepover. Let there be awesomeness!

1. Bid the WiFi bye-bye!

Ain’t no phones having a vibration attack spoiling your sleepover night with your bestie. So let’s give the WiFi a break shall we?

1 sleepover with your bestie

2. Let the gossip begin!

It’s finally time to open up your bottle of gossip! The boyfriend talks, the crush you just can’t stop gawking at, the horrible bosses rant, the “that-girl-you-know-what-she-did” story, the “oh-do-you remember-that-guy” flashback tales and all of the crazy thoughts that have been locked up in the madhouse that your mind is!

2 sleepover with your bestie

3. The weirdo besties meet Siri and Google Voice!

The universe hereby permits you to be the weirdo bestie couple for the night! Get Siri and Google Voice out, and tadaaaa! You may now say whatever batshit crazy things you can think of, and we bet you will be in stitches in no time!

3 sleepover with your bestie

4. No, you are not too old to play dress up!

Get out all your fav clothes and try out all the funky, weird, dorky, loud and over-the-top combinations you can think of! And the best part? No one’s judging you and you aren’t the only crazy lady around here! (Pssst…your bestie is the other one)

4 sleepover with your bestie

5. Some pampering? Yes, please!

Manicure, pedicure, cleansing, makeup – you’re in for a makeover, girl! You can have your own little spa, relax and chatter away as you pamper each other in the little piece of heaven that you have created!

5 sleepover with your bestie

6. PJ selfies!

This one is a MUST! Why, you ask? Because at times the world needs a reminder of how fan-freakin-tastic the two of you are. So go on and splash Insta and Snapchat with your cute, sexy, or even semi-deranged selfies!

6 sleepover with your bestie

7. Be margarita missies or beer bros!

There is nothing like lazing around with a glass of margarita or a bottle of beer and pouring your heart out to your bestie. She will know all the right things to say and her hugs will make things so much better for you already. Awww!

7 sleepover with your bestie

8. Sherlock stalker homies!

Hi, WiFi! It’s snoopy time! Stalk all your exes and crushes and “that girl” and “that guy”! There is nothing better than exclaiming “Omg he is so cuteeeeeeeeee!!” and “Seriously, he is with her now!?”, while your bestie backs you up.  And if by chance you hit “Like” on their pictures…well then, whoops!

9 sleepover with your bestie

9. Hairbrush karaoke all the way!

For hairbrush karaoke you need not be Taylor Swift! Even if your singing gives the crows and bats a scare, sing away by all means!! Your hairbrush is your mic and your bed is your stage! Get going, girl!

9 sleepover with your bestie

10. Crazy, CRAZY dancing!!

To an onlooker it might look as though you are possessed or drowning or that you are probably standing on hot sand…the way you dance. But hey! That’s no reason to NOT go crazy and wild and dance to you fav songs with your bestie!

 10 sleepover with your bestie

11. Foooooooooooooooood!

Ditch the diet for the night, girlies! Pizza is the new spinach and cake is the new soy! Eat your fav food and not for one millisecond feel guilty about it. You and your bestie deserve it!

 11 sleepover with your bestie

12. Get your favorite movie rolling!

After you are both exhausted and just want to be couched, how about you get a movie rolling? That chick flick you love? Or that sappy soppy romantic movie? Or hey, that comedy movie that left you both in splits the first time you watched it?! Anything will do as long as both of you love it and can doze off while watching it!

12 sleepover with your bestie

Once the night is over both of you will probably wish you could rewind your life and go back to last night. You so don’t want it to end! But that’s okay, because you are already planning the next sleepover in your mind, aren’t you? 😉

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