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14 Things Men DON’T Realize Women Notice About Them!

It’s true – women are quite the keen observers. And, more often than not, it’s the little things their man does that make him seem sexy to them. Men, take notice, your girl knows a lot more about you than you think! She notices details you probably didn’t even know you should be careful about – not that we’re trying to make you more conscious or anything! So, here are 14 things that she notices about you without you even realizing it!

1. Your Nails

You might not give your nail-biting habit enough weightage; she sure does! We aren’t asking that you accompany us to our mani-pedi appointments, but, clean, clipped nails are an essential for a well-groomed man. You knew that already, didn’t you?


man nails

2. Your Sense Of Humour

Trying to make her laugh is one thing, but she’s definitely going to be looking out for the kind of jokes you make. If you’re the kinds who are into sexist or crude jokes, don’t expect her to stick around for too long!


man humour

3. How Clean Your Car Is

The first thing she notices when she gets into your car isn’t your badass audio system, it’s the cleanliness of your car. If you treat it like your personal trash can, stay rest assured, she’s not going to be in favour of those long drives you’re going to be asking her out for!

man hell no


4. If You’re Fidgety

If the first few dates make you nervous or fidgety, don’t think she can’t tell. Although, we must confess that it’s kind of adorable that you’re a little stressed about making the date a success, try not to take it beyond the first couple of dates, coz then it stops being cute!

man fidget

5. Your Personal Style

All it takes for us to figure out your sense of style (laid back or casual or dressy or even just plain confused!) is just a few weeks of spending some time with you!


man suit

6. Your Text Messages

Believe it or not, women notice the kind of text messages you send them. Good grammar and punctuation, with a few cute emojis thrown in, will win you a place in our hearts!

man emojis

7. Your Watch

As cliched as you’d like to call it, but whether or not you’re wearing a watch – AND what kind of watch you’re wearing – does say a lot about your personality. Since taste is subjective, as long as your watch isn’t one of those digital ones with a calculator, you should be alright! :p


8. The Music On Your Phone

Whether it’s soft, melodious music or all-out Bollywood or even retro classics – we definitely notice what’s on your phone!

9. How You Talk To Other Girls

THIS is important. The way you talk to your significant other is one thing, but whether or not you are respectful towards all the other women in your life, is definitely something ALL women notice.


man weakness

10. Your Hair

Call it strange, but it isn’t as much noticing your hair-style as it is about noticing if it’s been washed and is free of dandruff and greasiness. Yes, basics are essential!

man hair

11. The Food You Order On Dates

We notice if you pick a different dish each time or go for your favourite, tried and tested one. Knowing your food choices really helps us plan our future dates!


12. Your Behaviour At A Club

We don’t care as much about your dancing skills as we do about your manners. Taking the edge off is just fine, but the moment you get anywhere close to aggressive, we’re going to be helping the bouncer get you out of that place!

know nice guy

13. How You Talk To Waiters At A Restaurant

We’re totally keeping an eye on how you treat support staff. Just remember – if you’re polite and remember to say thank you each time, you’re doing it just right!


14. The Details You Manage To Remember

Even if you can’t, for the love of god, remember birthdays and anniversaries, we love it when you can recall little incidents or funny date mishaps that make us smile!

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05 May 2016
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