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7 Wedding Planners *Reveal* Things They Really Wish ALL Brides Knew!

7 Wedding Planners *Reveal* Things They Really Wish ALL Brides Knew!

Trying to control your wedding is like attempting to hold fine sand in your hands… The more you try to grip it, the more it slips away! Don’t get us wrong, it is completely normal, as a bride-to-be, to hope for perfect execution – but such things are done beautifully by experts, and in this case, it is the wedding planners and designers who take the cake. Whether it comes to being a brides ‘3 AM friend’ to making sure she has eaten before the pheras, here are 7 things every wedding planner wishes their brides should stop obsessing about and trust them in what they do best… turn your wedding dream into reality!

1. Devika Narain From Devika Narain & Company Thinks That Brides Should Stop Micromanaging Everything!

“Matching their clothes – be it with the décor or the latest season. Be yourself and choose something that works for you. So often the bride’s clothes define the colours of the functions and I strongly feel they should either be contrasting or complementing. After all, you don’t want to look like the tent, right? Also, I really wish some brides would just let go and stop micromanaging things! As a recent bride myself and having been on both sides, I cannot tell you how amazing it is to have a bride who has delegated work and trusts the people around her. Sometimes, brides get so caught up in every detail that they can hardly enjoy their own wedding!”

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2. Divya Chadha, Director, A Klass Apart Thinks That A Planner Should Always Know About The Bridal Wishlist!

“As an international planner, I tell my brides to not stress/ obsess over overzealous relatives or guests who give you grief about your destination wedding (i.e, oh why did you pick X hotel or couldn’t you have chosen other dates). Also, brides should not always worry about the budget and instead, should make a wish list for the planner. It’s our job as your planner to make as many of your wishes come true within your budget.”

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3. Guys From The Wedding Designers Think That A Wedding Should Reflect Your Personal Style

“Be nice to your planner and trust them well. After all, they are the ones turning your dreams into reality! Also, it is extremely important to let your wedding reflect you and not be swept into the fads of the season.”

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4. Abhinav Mishra, Co-Founder, Rani Pink Suggests All Brides To Just Enjoy Their Day!

“Wish the bride and family knew how to enjoy every minute of their wedding without getting extremely stressed. Your wedding should be a blast and you will survive all mishaps, only if you are comfortable and happy.”

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4 wedding planners

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5. Abhinav Bhagat, Founder, Abhinav Bhagat Events Thinks That Brides Should Respect Their Time!

“We never get weekends off as all events and wedding meetings are on those days. Hence, I wished brides didn’t call and message us in the middle of the night out of impulse, just because they saw something cute on Pinterest! It’s a one time thing for them, but we do this everyday. I know this sounds like a rant but it’s very very true. Being available 24/7 is just not fair to us!”

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6. Sneha Tejwani and Anisha Bathija, Founders, Occasionz Unlimited Feel That A Wedding Planner Is A Blessing!

“They play various parts, all rolled into one! They are your philosopher, mentor, guide, 4 am friend and anxiety reliever among others. In a way, they are one of the best things that can happen to a bride.”

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6 wedding planners

7. Shilpa & Sonika Of Wedding By Shilpa & Sonika Think That Brides Should Just Chill!

“I wish brides would stop obsessing over little things and just be excited about their big day. I guess they shouldn’t worry as things will be taken care of and everything is going to be worth it in the end..”

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26 Sep 2017

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