25 Things Girls Who Grew Up Watching Bollywood Movies Believed And Maybe…Still Do (Shhh!)

Sayunkta JainSayunkta Jain  |  Apr 25, 2019
25 Things Girls Who Grew Up Watching Bollywood Movies Believed And Maybe…Still Do (Shhh!)


Bollywood is pyaar. And Karan Johar has taught us pyaar dosti hai. Ergo, my true BFF is Bollywood. I have grown up watching Hindi films and with that kind of commitment, there are certain things that Bollywood has led me to believe. 

I am an independent, working woman with a masters degree in life and these are the 25 things I still believe in…kyunki Bollywood kabhi jhooth nahi bolta. *Eye Roll* 

1. Ek Ladka Aur Ladki Kabhi Dost Nahi Ho Sakte

2. When You’re Sad And Looking Out The Window, Slow Music Will Play In The Background

3. When You Fall In Love, It Rains… And Vice Versa

4. But If There’s Thunderstorm, OMG Something Bad Is Going To Happen

5. If The Diya Flickers/Extinguishes, Bae Is In Danger/Dying


6. Only Women With A Lighter Skin Tone Get Guys ‘Coz Gori Nahi Toh Chhori Nahi 

7. When You Fall In Love, The First Step Is To Tell Your Stuffed Toy About It

8. But Don’t Tell Him – The Guy Always Makes The First Move – So Until Then, Suffer In Silence

9. Friendship Mein ‘No Sorry, No Thank You’

10. A Mother’s Intuition > Technology


11. Jab Lucky Ko Pyaar Hoga Na, Toh Saare College Mein Violins Bajenge

12. Chashma = Geek/Introvert/Loser; Remove Chashma = Life Is Beautiful & So Am I, Bitch

13. He Fights With You, Teases You & Makes Fun Of You ‘Coz He’s Secretly In Love With Ya, Girl

14. Friendship Bands Are Cool

15. Makeovers Can (And Will) Get You The Love of Your Life 


16. If You Say ‘Yes’ To Friendship, It’s Obvious You Want Some

17. Bada Badtameez, Besharam, Khudgarz Hota Hai… Par Pyaar Toh Aisa Hi Hota Hai

18. You’ll Find The Handsome, Indian Man Of Your Dreams While Travelling Across Europe

19. A Real Man Will Propose To You Khule Aam, Sabke Saamne

20. There’ll Be A Lot Of Flora And Fauna Around When He Finally Confesses His Love


21. Want His Attention? Wear Short Clothes And Put On A Damn Lipstick For Once, Woman

22. Or You Can Make Him Jealous By Laughing At Another Boy’s Jokes

23. Getting Married Is The Happy Ending

24. If Your Dupatta Gets Stuck To His Wrist Watch, It’s God’s Way Of Saying He’s ‘The One’

25. When You’re Dancing At A Wedding, A Guy At The Venue Is Falling For You


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