OOPS! 10 Things We ALL Do, But Get Mad At Others For!

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 5, 2016


Double standards is something we all try to steer clear of, and yet end up indulging in from time to time – unintentionally, of course. How? By getting mad at other people for doing certain things we do too, just because ours seem to make sense in our heads, somehow! So, here’s a friendly intervention to look at a few such situations and think back upon our reactions.

1. When you’re standing in line and someone jumps the queue

“Who does she think she is? Are we all fools, patiently waiting out our turn here?”

Yeah, we know it’s not fair; the murderous rage brewing up inside you isn’t fair either. She saw her way and went for it (just like you did that day when you were in a hurry!).

things we all do

2. When people start fighting over little accidents in the middle of the road!

“The entire route’s jammed now. Can’t they park to a side and fight it out? Where has their civic sense gone?”

Ummm…it’s gone right where it went when someone bumped into you and you couldn’t wait a second to hand it to them, then and there!

3. When someone judges another person because of their clothes

If it’s too short, it’s scandalous; if it’s too long, it’s most definitely outdated! Almost all of us do this, almost every day (we know, we know – unintentionally!). But remember how you felt bad when someone judged your casual-lunch dress as being provocative? Don’t let anyone’s appearance be what you judge him/her on. There’s so much more to know about them beyond that!

things we all do -3

4. OR on their fluency in the English language

It’s really a false notion that a person who speaks better English is better educated. It’s high time we leave such stereotypes behind and decide upon a person’s intellect on his practical knowledge of the world.So what if he or she can’t speak English as fluently as you? Does that make you a better, more superior person? How?

5. When your boyfriend keeps you waiting

You know how 5 minutes feel like 15 when you’re waiting for someone? The same are your boyfriend’s feelings too, when he waits “only 5 minutes” for you while you are just doing your “touch-up”!!!

things we all do -5

6. When your sibling spends WAY too much money on a completely useless thing

Especially when it’s YOUR hard-earned money. But you know how some things exercise total power over you, and just lure you into buying them (not to forget how good those salesmen are, tempting people with such irresistible offers)! And remember the time when you demanded your parents buy you something? If you’ve given in to that (and we are sure you have, at least ONCE in your life), let them be. It’s really OKAY!

7. When your friend ignores your repeated phone calls

We know it’s irritating when you repeatedly call someone and they just refuse to answer. But remember that time when you wanted to just switch off from the world for a bit? Your friend could be having that moment, or could genuinely be preoccupied with something more important. So, chill!

things we all do -7

8. When your roommate leaves the dishes undone

And how those dishes have piled up AND created such a mess! But maybe she had to run out to do an even more important errand – like pay that electricity bill YOU forgot about!

9. When your friend neglected you for her new-found love

Before you get mad about her ignoring her friends, just think about your honeymoon period with your boyfriend. Did you not want to spend as much time as possible with him then? If she’s doing it, let her. You really should not get mad. EVERYONE goes through this phase!

things we all do -9

10. When your mom tries to force her opinion on you

Obviously, you’ll feel that though she might know more than you, YOU’RE the one living the given situation. Right? Wrong! The truth is, she cares too much to let you even make that mistake. Remember when you couldn’t stop telling your younger sister about that douche she was dating? Yeah, same stuff!

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