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#BFF: 9 Things To Tell Your Bestie When She Gets Hitched!

  |  May 5, 2016
#BFF: 9 Things To Tell Your Bestie When She Gets Hitched!


So your bestie is serious about someone, and they’re getting hitched! Your role as a BFF is super-important as she is about enter the next phase of her life! Here are the 9 things she needs to hear from you now.

1. It’s going to be okay.

Reassurance is the single most important thing she needs from you. She is all kinds of confused and excited. You are her rock. Act like it.

2. You are going to make the most gorgeous bride ever!

Think of this as a mantra you repeat in different variations throughout this joyous/stressful time. Say it like you mean it.

best friend getting married

3. Are you sure?

Your job as a bestie requires that you make sure she’s sure. Be diplomatic about it. And then go back to point one again.

4. He’s amazing!

If the answer to the previous question is a solid yes – then you should become her man’s biggest cheerleader. She will love you for it.

best friend getting married

5. OMG – I’m so excited!!

Of course you are!! Make sure you tell her. Enthusiastically. 🙂

6. I am so happy for you.

This one is a given. But said in an honest, heartfelt way, it means the world to a bride-to-be. So much is changing for her – she wants you in her corner – like you’ve always been.

best friend getting married

7. His family will love you!

Every bride worries about her new family. Your job is to make sure that she doesn’t worry too much. That she looks forward to making all these new people part of her life. Remind her that she’s amazing!

8. What do you need me to do?

Of course you are organizing the bachelorette, the sangeet and a gazillion other surprises for her. But take the time to ask her if there is anything she needs you to do. If there is – make sure it’s done.

best friend getting married

9. We’ll ROCK all the changes!

Yes, she’ll be starting a new life and things will be very different, and how often you meet, etc., will be different too. But let her know that none of this is going to change what the two of you have – that you, her BFF, will truly be her bestie forever!

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