11 Things You Should Never Do On Your Honeymoon…Ever!

Kaveri WaghelaKaveri Waghela  |  Sep 21, 2017
11 Things You Should Never Do On Your Honeymoon…Ever!


Your honeymoon is a happy epilogue to your wedding celebrations. And what can be better than ringing in your ultimate holiday sojourn surrounded by idyllic sunsets and a handsome beau by your side! But it is true, your romantic trip can be loaded with expectations and the last thing you want is to dampen the spirit by aching for perfection! So here it is, 11 things you should NEVER do on your honeymoon!

1. Laze in the hotel suite all day, everyday!

We get it, the wedding celebrations will leave you exhausted. And what can be better than the smell of fresh linen and an inviting soft bed to jump into together! Do rest for a day, but lazing on TV and room service all the time will really do you no good!

1 never do on your honeymoon

2. Have a rigid plan

We understand that it is important to have a honeymoon itinerary, but staying rigid on it will only lead to irritation. It is life, sometimes the weather won’t favour you and on others, the situation would just not be right. Don’t let it dampen your spirit and just go with the flow. Embrace all the surprise adventures and enjoy spontaneity.

2 never do on your honeymoon

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3. Let your friends or relatives plan it

Asking for suggestions can be great but in the end, it is your choice that matters the most. Afterall, it is your honeymoon, and you should solely be responsible for planning it to the T. Also, what might work for your friends/relatives, may not always work for you. Make your own memories and experiences, girl!

3 never do on your honeymoon

4. Overbook yourself

While sticking to an itinerary would be an ideal plan, sometimes it is important to just take it slow, and enjoy all the good things life has to offer. This can sometimes come as a surprise, and at others, would be your moment to just enjoy the experience together. Be flexible to change and do not overbook yourself on expeditions and day trips just to make the most out of the place in a limited amount of time. You can always take a second honeymoon!

4 never do on your honeymoon

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5. Complain over petty issues

This probably might be your first trip together and you’ll even get to discover a lot of new stuff about each other. And some of it, you may not appreciate all that much! But try not to make a mountain out of a molehill. He forgot to make a booking or you forgot one of your lipsticks in the previous hotel… It’s okay!

5 never do on your honeymoon

6. Micromanage money

While it is important to keep a check on your expenditure, it not always necessary to forcibly try to micromanage your money at every point. C’mon, you are on your honeymoon, and some things will be worth the experience. Stop fretting and enjoy it to the fullest.

6 never do on your honeymoon

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7. Be hooked on to social media

This is one of the most annoying things couples do while they are on a honeymoon. Make your picture perfect memories not only for your social media feed but IRL too! And guess what, it won’t even need any filters! Go on, cherish those moments, that we are sure, will always hold a special memory in your life.

7 never do on your honeymoon

8. Grab the lowest deal on discounted sites

Oh, the lure of a discounted hotel deal! Even though it is only natural to consider them while making all your bookings, it is extremely important to double check on all their offerings. Most of these sites have a tiny conditions apply asterisk at the bottom, which is easy to miss. And you certainly don’t want any bad surprises on your honeymoon, do you?!

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9. Treat it as a fashion parade

While it is very normal to picture yourself in stylish clothes while walking through the narrow bylanes of a picturesque honeymoon locale, it is far from true as such pictures only look good on your social media feed! It is important that you pack light and consider clothes that are not only stylish but also travel and weather friendly.

9 never do on your honeymoon

10. Compare

This can single handedly ruin your entire honeymoon. Your experiences are exclusive to you and are priceless. Do not spoil it by comparing it to your friend’s picture perfect Instagram feed. We assure you, you’ll both enjoy as much, or maybe even more!

11. Not Sleep

Your honeymoon is the holiday of holidays, and it is natural to watch the stars together all night or just be too excited to plan the next day ahead. If you haven’t had adequate sleep, you sure will not be able to enjoy the rest of the romantic sojourn!

11 never do on your honeymoon

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