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10 Things To Consider In His Biodata *Before* A Rishta Meeting!

10 Things To Consider In His Biodata *Before* A Rishta Meeting!

In an arranged marriage setup, as difficult as it might be to be able to infer what you need to from a guy’s picture and basic bio data, there is actually a lot more than what first meets the eye! Don’t get what we mean? Here are some top tips on things to look out for in a guy’s biodata. Trust us, these will make the entire decision-making process a lot easier.

1. His Hobbies

See what sort of things he has listed as his hobbies and interests. Is he a sporty guy, or into bollywood, an avid reader or an enthusiastic traveller? These interests say a lot about a person and also about what your life ahead could be like.

2. The One Liner

There may be something in his profile that allows to you infer whether you two have the same favourite actor or went to the same summer camp – anything that works as a good conversation starter when you finally meet him. Look out for this one, ladies.

2 things to look out for in a guys biodata

3. Lost In Translation

Be sure to check out what languages he speaks. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your family and his are not able to communicate properly!

4. Age Matters

How old is he?! What’s your cut off point – it’s up to you but it’s better to know before you go any further!

5. Help At Home

Why not see whether or not he boasts of any talents in the kitchen or at home? Do you want to be with a guy who cannot whip up some breakfast in bed for you or change a lightbulb?! Again, it’s up to you and what you’re looking for – but these are things you definitely need to consider, we say.

5 things to look out for in a guys biodata

6. That Degree Though

Rather than looking at the result he got in his degree, why not look at the subject he studied? No particular subject should be a deal breaker but it surely speaks a tad about his academic interests.

7. The Long & Short of It

How tall is he?! Is he shorter than you? Is he too tall? Can you wear heels if and when you’re a couple? Being taller than him would work too, no?

8. Hidden Clues

Look out for things like whether he did a summer course abroad or whether he had a part-time job at college – things that will help you to understand his personality better and also work as icebreakers and conversation starters.  

8 things to look out for in a guys biodata

9. Money Matters

If it matters to you, look at his financial status. It doesn’t mean you are “money minded” but if you have become accustomed to a certain lifestyle then look to see whether this guy and you together can maintain that standard.

10. See What Your Instinct Says

Sometimes, all that’s on paper or on the face doesn’t end up matching the vibe you get from a guy and his family. There’s no clear reason for this, but ladies, sometimes you’ve just got to go by your instinct.

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13 Feb 2017

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