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Diamonds & More: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Your Engagement Ring!

Diamonds & More: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Your Engagement Ring!

The perfect engagement ring is more than just the ring you’ve always dreamt about. It’s more than just gorgeous and expensive and eye-catching. It’s the ring you’d wear all your life and so it must remain beautiful and relevant, forever. To help you buy the best engagement ring then, we’re breaking down on the little, big things that you need to keep in mind while buying one.


1.The size, or the carat.  

A solitaire means a one carat diamond, which roughly amounts to one lakh rupees. Mind you that’s just the cost of the solitaire, not the ring. A carat then is the weight or the size of the single big diamond that sits atop your ring and makes up for the major part of the cost of your ring. With increasing demand, solitaires are getting expensive and rare stones to source, which is why they’re considered as good investments.

2. What’s the cut your heart desires?

2 engagement ring

A cut refers to the shape of the diamond and also hugely affects its price. You must try on different cuts before you decide on one. There are several varieties available from round to oval and princess cut. Emerald is the most expensive diamond cut followed by Radiant, Asscher, Cushion, Princess, Oval, Pear, Heart, Marquise. Round is the most economical of the lot.

If you desire a heart cut, this solitaire ring (Rs. 92, 075) from CaratLane is just perfect for you. Do your online research about ring types here.  

3. Be careful about the color of the diamond.

Diamonds vary each other on the basis of their color too. Diamonds that have a yellowish flavour are often economically priced and the ones that are clearer and whiter are more expensive and preferred. Ask your jeweller to show the difference in color to you by comparing two diamonds. You’ll see what we mean. For your engagement ring, we advise you to go for the superior quality diamond and not compromise on its quality, for you’ll always have only one engagement ring.  

4. How clear is it?

4 engagement ring

Like all great things are flawless, so you must judge a diamond too. The clearer and more transparent a diamond is, the more it is valued at. Hence, reach out to your trusted jeweller to ensure he sells only high quality, clear diamonds to you.   

5. Understand your metal!

You ring’s durability and general aesthetics get decided by the band and the metal used in creating it. If you aren’t a fan of yellow gold, but find platinum to be too expensive for your taste, you can go for white gold or rose gold. It’s completely your take.  

6. The setting of the diamonds.

 6 engagement ring

You don’t always need a big expensive solitaire to make up your engagement ring. You can ask your jeweller to take up smaller diamonds and set or arrange them in a way that they appear like one big whole and reduce the cost to almost half the original price. This is called precious setting or invisible jewellery setting. There are many different ways in which smaller diamonds can be set to give a larger effect and you must consult your jeweller about the same.  

7. Customise it the way you like it

You know you don’t have to pick one ring from the many displayed in front of you, right? You can totally choose the band design from one, the cut from another, the size of the third and get them set the way you want to. Of course, you’d have to give your jeweller time to get your hybrid ring made, but good stuff always takes time.  

8. Make it fit your budget.

8 engagement ring

Yes, you don’t have to give up that ring you love and can’t get off your head just because it doesn’t fit your budget. Like we told you, you can get the perfect ring to work around your budget. You can opt for a different quality diamond, cut down on the width of the band and save up on the weight of the metal used. Such little and unnoticeable changes can help alter the cost without altering the look and the feel of the ring.  

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9. Who’s your jeweller?

In the end, despite being an informed customer, you will have to rely upon your jeweller to provide you with best quality diamonds and metals and you will depend on his word for the same. Your engagement ring is a one-time investment and one that has much emotional value attached to it too – you don’t want to be duped of either. So make sure you buy your engagement ring only from a trusted and certified jeweller.  

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01 Dec 2017

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