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9 Things You Should Do With Your First Salary

9 Things You Should Do With Your First Salary

Your salary has been credited to your account is probably the best message of the month for everyone who is earning! And if this is your first salary then we are sure it’s going to involve jumping up and down with joy and may be some happy tears, too. So now that your bank account finally shows a number greater than zero, what to do with this money? After you are done updating your facebook and instagram with a status like “#Feeling rich”, here are some ideas to spend your first salary!

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1. That thing you want to buy since FOREVER? Buy it!

It doesn’t even matter if it’s stupid or childish or just plain silly! A polaroid camera? A typewriter? A crazy huge teddy bear? An expensive bottle of wine just for the swag of it? A luxurious spa session? Sure! You deserve it!

1 first salary


2. Let the wanderlust take over!

Go hitch hiking in the mountains or take a beach vacay with your BFFs! Financing your trip with your first salary combined with the mad fun that you will have, will make it an unforgettable experience!

3. Get a tattoo!

3 first salary

If that’s something you have always wanted to do or if this is something your parents refused to pay for, this is the perfect time to do it! Plus it will always remind you of the day you got your first paycheck!

4. Buy your parents a forever kind of gift!

A watch is always a great idea! Or if there is something specific you know of, that they love or have always wanted, then go ahead and put a smile on their faces by gifting it to them. This one is a priceless feeling!


5. Take your boyfriend out for a classy dinner!

5 first salary

That posh diner you have both eyed with fascination(because its so freakin awesome!) and dismay(because it is so expensive)? Take your boyfriend out for a date to that place! That will be one thing off your couple bucket list and needles to say you will both have a gala time!

6. Start learning something you have always wanted to!

Guitar? Karate? Calligraphy? Salsa? Drums? There has to be something you have always wanted to learn, but couldn’t find the time or felt too guilty letting your parents pay for the classes. Now that you have your stash of cash, go ahead an do it! You go girl!

7. Do that once-in-a-lifetime crazy mad thing you are a tad bit jittery about!

7 first salary


That scary awesome leg-shaking mind-blowing thing you have always wanted to do? Scuba diving, river rafting, parasailing or skydiving (here is a little lead), it can be literally anything! Take a deep breath and go for it!

8. Splurge, but save a little too!

Go buy that dress you love and buy those heels too, but at the end of the day, save a little. Saving is a habit that will pay off in the long run. Open some kind of a deposit and save a small percentage of every paycheck that you get.  

9. Do a selfless good deed!

9 first salary

No, we do not mean you give alms to the beggars. Do a thoughtful good deed. Buy your maid something she really needs or adopt a dog or start sponsoring a child’s education. There is nothing better than seeing someone else smile, and knowing it is because of you. (For starters, have a look at this)


So ladies! Now that we have given you some off the beat suggestions, go ahead and get rolling!

24 Nov 2017

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