Long Weekend, No Plans Yet? 14 FUN Things To Try Out!

Divya SharmaDivya Sharma  |  May 5, 2016
Long Weekend, No Plans Yet? 14 FUN Things To Try Out!

Every time there is a long weekend, people start packing up their bags to escape the city even if it’s just for a short while! But in case you aren’t one of them this weekend, don’t be sad! There’s tons you can do in these 3 long days that don’t require you to move out of your own town!

1. Go for a nice long drive because everyone else will be holidaying in the hills! #EmptyRoads

2. Watch back to back movies at the mall with the bestie! Helloooo, Time Out is playing!

3. Pick your fav food. (Say, pizza? Everyone loves pizza!) Then try every restaurant in your city that claims to serve good pizza and decide which one is the best!

long weekend 3

4. Hoard alcohol for the weekend and have an insane house party!

5. Sleep. A LOT. Finally get to catch up on the sleep that you have been storing up for this long weekend!

6. Start that book you’ve been meaning to. And finish it. Without having to move from your bed for three whole days!

long weekend 6

7. Go to a spa! Let that masseuse soothe your stressed muscles with her magical oils. Is there really a better to unwind this long weekend? Well, ANY weekend, really!

8. Go sightseeing! Yes, in your own city! Even if you’ve lived there all your life, we can guarantee that there are a bunch of museums, parks, monuments you haven’t checked out yet. So pretend to be a tourist for the weekend!

9. Binge watch Orange Is The New Black or Downton Abbey! Because they’re actually airing on TV!

long weekend 9

10. Check out some of the awesome plays! You’re spoilt for choice around Delhi with Mann Vrundavan, Inse Miliye, Merchant Of Venice, Hiroshima and SO many more.

11. Do something adventurous (even if just mildly!) – like paragliding or ice skating!

12. Learn a new skill with a crash course. From anything from photography to acting to swimming, whatever strikes your fancy!

long weekend 12

13. Have a staycation. Find an affordable room in your own city and just go stay there in luxury for a night!

14. SHOPPING, of course. H&M is finally opening girls, you just HAVE to make a trip to CityWalk.

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