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13 Things Our Moms Say And What They *Really* Mean!

13 Things Our Moms Say And What They *Really* Mean!

Mothers are the greatest people in the whole wide world and also our best friends. What would we do without our mothers, right? However, mothers can be quite cryptic too and we end up acting like muddled boyfriends. Well, here are a few common things all moms say but this is what they really mean.

1. What she says: “Do what you want to do.”

What she means: Don’t you even dare. Do what I asked you to do, do not try to defy me.

1 Things that moms say

2. What she says: “Ask your father.”

What she means: Hahaha. Your father is going to say “No” anyway. You lose.


3. What she says: “We will talk about it later.”

What she means: I’m just skirting the issue right now because I’m really tired. But don’t get your hopes up, we aren’t going to talk about it.

3 Things that moms say

4. What she says: “Who is this friend? What’s his name?”

What she means: Is he your boyfriend? Are you doing things with him? Where does he stay?  What is his father’s name and what does the father do?

5. What she says: “Because I said so.”

What she means: I really don’t have a logical explanation for this but I’m your mother so you have to respect my authority whether you like it or not.


5 Things that moms say

6. What she says: “We’ll see.”

What she means: I will make sure that we’ll never, ever see to it.

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7. What she says: “Come home before it’s dark.”

What she means: Come home at 5 pm.


7 Things that moms say

8. What she says: “I love all my children equally”

What she means: Okay, not exactly equally.

9. What she says: “If all the other kids jump off the bridge, would you also jump off that bridge?”

What she means: You’re not going to that party. End of story.

9 Things that moms say


10. What she says: “First class? Okay, good.”

What she means: How on earth did your good for nothing best friend get distinction scores?

11. What she says: “Of course you’re the prettier one.”

What she means: Your sister is better looking but I don’t want to hurt your feelings.

11 Things that moms say

12. What she says: “You can do everything you want to do once you get married”

What she means: Till then you are my prisoner, so stay put.


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13. What she says: “I love you”

What she means: I will always love you more than life itself but I will never be able to show you just how much.

13 Things that moms say

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27 Sep 2016

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