Dating A Vegetarian Is Hard Because Of These 7 Reasons. Do You Relate?

Divya DhillonDivya Dhillon  |  Nov 24, 2017
Dating A Vegetarian Is Hard Because Of These 7 Reasons. Do You Relate?


I know, I know, opposites attract. But, from experience, I can tell you, being attracted to a vegetarian is quite a task! If you are dating a vegetarian, planning to, or have even thought about it in passing, then hold on! Here are the things that are bound to happen when you’re dating a vegetarian.

1. They will make us feel guilty for killing the animals

There is always a subtle tension in the air when you are eating meat around them. They might not say anything on your face but that silent look they give when you take that first bite! They want you to start feeling guilty already.

2. There is always a fight on what’s right or wrong

And trust me, this will be a never-ending debate! A debate where Gods and ancestors will be brought to the table to prove the point.

3. There is nothing like “sharing and caring”

Try putting your fork in their food and you will know what we mean! The eyes will do the talking!

3 dating a vegetarian

4. Absolutely nothing can convince them to eat meat

This is tried and tested! Some habits are quite hard to break!

5. They check each and every ingredient of a dish

And that’s irritating, for each and every dish their first question to the waiter is “it’s pure veg, right?”

6. You can easily offend them by saying they don’t have good taste in food

But that’s true, knowingly or unknowingly their taste buds have made the alternative to chicken as their favorite food. Take Tandoori Chaap and Paneer Tikka! Because, duh! Everyone needs spice in life!

6 dating a vegetarian

7. You can never settle on a restaurant

But there is one big perk of dating a vegetarian, you get to eat all of the chicken! And like in all relationships, you can always agree to disagree.

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