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9 Things That Happen On Every Family WhatsApp Group!!

9 Things That Happen On Every Family WhatsApp Group!!

Family WhatsApp groups have made our lives a lot easier in many ways. But there are also times we are thankful we can put them on mute!! The endless banter and chatting is fun and we love it, but it can definitely overwhelm our phone memory space and exhaust our phone batteries! Here are a few things that happen on your family WhatsApp group!


1. The name of the group keeps changing according to what day/occasion it is!

“Sharma and co” suddenly turns into “Happy birthday, Dad”.

family whatsapp group 1

2. There is always that one person that starts the “good morning” chain every morning.

And then it never ends!

3. There is also that one aunt who likes to send positive/ encouraging religious forwards or images all the time.

I mean, it’s really sweet. But then I have to delete them from my images folder later because those videos with positive messages take up a lot of space!

family whatsapp group 3

4. And that uncle who loves to send jokes…

One after the other. All day long. “You’re supposed to be at work, uncle!”

5. There are always endless numbers of selfies being posted on the group…

Especially when any more than two members of the group get together! Never mind if you weren’t there. You must see the pictures!

family whatsapp group 5

6. And if someone is going through an old photo album…

They will send every image they find adorable and then you can be sure the “awwws” will continue for the rest of the day!

7. This is the one forum everyone uses to make plans with each other!

So much easier when you can’t actually hear them all yell at the same time 😛

family whatsapp group

8. You know about everyone’s achievements and whereabouts…

Because this is the first place where it’s posted! *Must keep family up to date*

9. You also end up having completely random and silly conversations…

Which only your family could understand and you’re glad no one else gets to read!

GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr

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05 May 2016

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