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Do I Have To Share You Now? 7 Things That Happen When Your Best Friend Gets Married

Do I Have To Share You Now? 7 Things That Happen When Your Best Friend Gets Married

When your best friend suddenly tells you that she’s getting married, you feel all sorts of mixed emotions. You are over the moon for her, but it suddenly feels like she’s not all yours anymore. It’s a little difficult to believe that someone other than you wants to spend their entire life with her, but it’s also exciting. As her BFF, you have so much to do—shopping, festivities and planning the big day…including her bachelorette party. So if your best friend is about to walk down the aisle, here are a few things that are going to change in your lives apart from her relationship status.

1. You Become The Wedding Planner

From the moment your BFF told you that she’s getting married, you’ve turned into a full-blown wedding planner. You’ve been coordinating with her parents and the caterers and the decorator and also the photographer to make sure that you get some #BFFGoals pics!

2. Where Is My Bestie?

Your bestie has suddenly turned over a new leaf. All your conversations are about her new life, family, wedding and whatnot. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is your bond. She still hasn’t stopped complaining all about her new life and how life has changed.

3. Let’s Take A Rain Check?

Ever since your bestie got married, all your plans have been postponed time and again. You know that she loves you just as much, but now you have to share her with her husband and his family. 

4. You Don’t Have A Choice But To Get Along With HIM

You definitely hate him ‘coz he stole your bestie but you also love him for making her smile. He may not be your type of person but you have no choice but to learn to get along with him. And even if you dislike him, you love your best friend more. 

5. It’s All About Shaadi

Suddenly, your best friend can’t stop talking about having a partner and two sets of parents. And that’s not all ‘coz now she’s after you to get hitched. She’s got you convinced that it’s an amazing idea to get married ASAP!

6. But You Get It

You may not like it but you’ve also changed a bit. All of sudden, getting married does not sound all that bad but at the same time, you also understand that life changes after marriage. You feel older and wiser now. 

7. 2 AM Buddies No More

She might be your 2 am buddy but you also understand that she has a family now. You think a hundred times before you call her in the middle of the night. And that’s probably why you feel like you’re losing your BFF. 

Watching your best friend get married fills your heart with happiness but it also breaks it a little. But look at the bright side, if your bestie has a companion and you have another great—maybe even best—friend, in her spouse.

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19 Apr 2021

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