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7 Things Every Desi Mom Does On Facebook & Whatsapp That’ll Make You Scream ‘Maa, That’s So You!’

7 Things Every Desi Mom Does On Facebook & Whatsapp That’ll Make You Scream ‘Maa, That’s So You!’

I don’t know if you remember but there was actually a time when our moms were not using technology as much as they do today. Whatsapp was used to talk only to friends when BBM wasn’t working and Facebook saw our entire braces phase without some family friend aunty commenting ‘looking good dear’. Suddenly though social media has seen an entire host of people joining, I mean parents have not even left Instagram in peace now. 

So here are 6 things that every desi mom does on Facebook and Whatsapp that you’ll totally relate to. And don’t worry we’re all in this together!

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1. Everyone should have a great morning every day

Pretty sure you’ve got those forwarded messages from your mom talking about morning positivity and how it’s going to be a bright, sunny day. We’re also pretty sure you’ve got those floral images and videos screaming ‘good morning’ to you! I’m sure my memory space keeps getting filled with all this only.


2. Add you to already bursting family groups

We all remember that dreaded day when our moms added us to already bursting family groups on Whatsapp. Our phones don’t stop buzzing and there’s a constant string of ‘hello’ messages flooding your phone. One solution- mute indefinitely.

3. Tag you on an embarrassing bachpan ka photo for the entire Facebook public to see

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It’s like moms have a radar to find a super ugly photo of you as a child where you’re wearing polka dots and stripes together and upload it on Facebook and write ‘my sweet daughter’. Of course, you’re tagged and all your friends are LOL-ing at you.

4. Reply with a gazillion of her fave emojis

You know it’s your mother who has texted when the message looks something like this- ‘🙏🙏🙏😊😍😘😄😄😀😛’. 


5. Subtle brag about how good you look by sharing pictures of you in a saree on the extended family group

If your mom does this be ready to get a horde of messages saying that you’re looking good and ‘kitni sundar ho gayi hai’ and auntys saying ‘wow, how beautiful’. ‘Cause moms love to do that subtle brag and embarrass you, right?!

6. Sharing those ‘one like, one respect’ photos on Facebook

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Your mother’s Facebook timeline will be filled with the weirdest stuff she’s shared. She has shared the soldier’s picture which says ‘share if you think this jawan deserves respect’, she would have also shared ‘share this with everyone for family’s good luck’. Uhhh. 

7. Stalking Your Whatsapp DP And Making You Change Pictures That She Doesn’t Approve Of

‘Beta, change this gandi dp’ is a message we’ve all definitely gotten from our moms on Whatsapp. And if there’s a boy in your display picture then be prepared to get bombarded with texts from mommy dearest asking who is he, why is he in your dp, please change so people don’t see ’cause what will they think?! She will relentlessly you hound you till said display picture is changed and it’s better to just give in ‘coz we all know she’s not going to give up till you do it. *Sigh*


But whatever it is, moms are superheroes and we absolutely love them, don’t we?! 

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08 May 2019

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