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Sexy NOT! 7 Surprising Things That Might Be Killing The Mood

Aaaah, the mood. The precious, precious mood. Found easily, lost equally easily (sadly)! If you’re up to it, pretty much anything can get you in the mood, amiright? There are, however, some sureshot things that are guaranteed to kill the mood. No, we’re not talking about obvious interruptions like phone calls or door bells. We’re referring to the subtle-yet-distracting things we inadvertently end up doing in (or before) bed that could pose a major threat to our and our partner’s mojo. Brace yourselves…


1. So Much Perfume!

It’s one thing to smell nice; it’s another to not smell like yourself at all. Now, girls, if you’ve been with your partner long enough, you know he knows what you smell like on a daily basis. So, going over the top with numerous sprays of the expensive perfume will just make him think he’s in bed with a stranger; unless, of course, you are aiming for that. Besides, too much perfume is an instant turn-off anyway. Would you like your guy smelling JUST like a brand?

Killing the mood 1

2. No Socky Business

Yes, we get it. You’re ALWAYS cold. But having a pair of socks on while trying to get all hot ‘n’ heavy is just a BIG turn-off. Along with other “articles”, the socks must go too! (Just imagine looking down at your partner in the middle of the act, and having your view of your bodies interrupted by Protection For Your Feet.)

Killing the mood 2

3. Alcohol Is Not Always Your Friend

Having a couple of drinks to get into the mood, or just to loosen up a bit, is fine. But guzzling alcohol before bed is a strict no-no. The sex just ends up being clumsy and hurried! If you’re planning on making sweet, sweet love, steer clear of alcohol altogether. Believe it or not, rumour is that over time alcohol also contributes towards killing your libido! (Besides, you want to be able to remember how great it was when you wake up the morning after, right?)

Killing the mood 3

4. No Jewels, Please

No matter how pretty those earrings make you look, get rid of them right before hitting the sack. Not only will they interrupt the otherwise-smooth proceedings of the night, they might also end up hurting you, or him!

Killing the mood 9

5. Getting Down To It Right Away

There are times when you just can’t wait, and foreplay seems like too much effort, especially after a long day. But jumping right to “the act” only indicates that you’re interested in just the main act and not loving the person as a whole. Do you want to send out those signals? Do you? Do you?!

Killing the mood 8

6. Waaaaay Too Much Foreplay

We know women can’t stop raving about the “teasing”, but staying stuck at the foreplay beyond a certain point of time is just going to end up dampening the spirit. You don’t want him to get to the point where he’s going “Are we doing this or what?!” in his head! Yes, you could be loving it, but don’t be surprised if he wants to move on after a point – and don’t worry about it, really – after all, there ARE better things waiting!

Killing the mood 6

7. Staying On Your Back

Yes, there are long days. And yes, most of us would much rather not work too hard for it. But the truth is that many men find women who take charge in bed very, very sexy! Laying there and letting him do all the work does not always make for a very satisfactory session – give him a break, take control, get on top! Besides, if you can take charge of pretty much everything else in life, why not in the sack, at least sometimes?!

Killing the mood 4

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06 May 2016

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