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“Ek Thappad” & Other Things Only Kids with Indian Parents Can Understand

No matter how old you are, and whether you’ve grown up in India or abroad, if you’ve been brought up by Indian parents, these are things you most definitely understand!

1. The Importance of Being a Doctor/Engineer/Lawyer

Those are the only prestigious career options to consider. If you’re not studying to get into an IIT, AIIMS or NLS, then you’re a “mediocre” student.


2. The Concept of “Log Kya Kahenge?

Nope, your actions and life decisions aren’t governed only by what you and your parents think. Relatives you’ve never heard of, your neighbour, you neighbour’s daughter’s brother-in-law’s cousin, possibly the kaamwali bai’s dog – they all get to weigh in.


3. The Idea of “Paeyr Chhoona

No better way of showing respect to your elders! And by elders we mean pretty much every person more than 10 years older than us. We may have hated this as kids, but must admit it was good practice for touching one’s own toes as not-so-fit grown-ups.

4. The Threat of “Ek Thappad

Not many of us were subjected to severe corporal punishment growing up (we hope!), but a tight slap if you’re not toeing the line? We’ve all been there.

Point 7- Mensxp

5. Praise in Public, Pitaai in Private

That’s what Indian parents believe in. Their child is the BEST when it comes to showing off to the world. At home, though, it’s a different thing altogether. Our ears still ring as adults from all those accusations of shaitaani.


6. “Thoda Aur Khao. You Are So Thin!”

Indian parents like their children “healthy”. Indian grandparents even more so. Childhood memories for us are FULL of occasions when we couldn’t leave the table until being force-fed enough to explode.


7. No Non-Veg on Vrat Days

For all you vegetarians out there, we guess this wasn’t really a problem. But there are countless others who have salivated at their friends’ non-veg tiffin at school on fast/feast days, and then been tormented by guilt for giving in to temptation.

8. Which Brings Us to…Tiffin

Not a snack, not a sandwich-and-salad, but a proper home-cooked meal. Did you come back from school with your aloo parantha and gobi ki sabzi unfinished? Bad, BAD girl!


9. Changing the Channel If There’s Tongue Action on the Telly

As a kid, you weren’t allowed to watch certain shows because of “bad words” and “too much sex”. Jumping up and changing the channel, or fleeing the room, was was the norm. (Some of us still do this!)


10. Emotional Blackmail

NO one knows how to use “Don’t upset your Mom/Dad” to keep us from doing stuff we want to like an Indian parent does.

11. The “Nazar Ka Tika” as the Ultimate Protector

Because the evil eye is always upon the innocent child of an Indian parent.


Point 1

12. The “WHAT Are You Wearing?” Death Stare

All outfits have to be parent-approved. What you pick is either too scandalous or too shabby or too crinkled or just inappropriate. Especially if it’s non-Indian-wear.

13. The Role of the Kundli

What? His kundli doesn’t match yours? No shaadi for you, missy! And heaven forbid that one of you should be maanglik.

Point 5-Delhi.bollywoodshaadis.com


14. The Idea That “Mother Knows Best”

From oiling your hair and eating what she tells you and when, to whom you should marry and which friend of yours are “bad influences”, your mom always, ALWAYS knows best. You always turned to your mother to gauge her reaction about things – you knew were in big, BIG trouble if she made “gol gol aankhen”!

GIFs source: mensxp.com, bollywoodshaadis.com, giphy.com

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06 May 2016

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