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19 Things Only Girls Who Cry Easily Will Get!

There are people who are unemotional, people who are emotional, and then there’s you – the girl who cries WAY too easily. And it’s not always your feelings – sometimes it’s just your damned tear ducts! It’s like they have NO discrimination at all, and the tiniest little thing can set them off. Here are a few things that girls who cry easily will totally get!

1. When you’re so mad that all you want to do is scream, your tear ducts inevitably have other plans.

And the very people you want to yell at say “There, there, don’t be sad” to you – making you even angrier!

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2. There are happy tears and sad tears…

Also mushy tears, crocodile tears and a whole lot more variations!


3. Everyone tells you that you cry too often

But it’s also so useful when you want to get out of something. Just burst into tears, and people will a) leave you alone; or b) pamper you silly.

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4. Saying goodbye to people is just the absolute WORST.

For that matter, saying hello to someone you haven’t seen in ages can be just as embarrassingly awesome!

5. You’ve learnt not to feel too ashamed about crying in public.

Hey, it’s just tears. People should be grown-up enough to be able to handle it. 😛


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6. Waterproof mascara was basically invented for you.

And you learnt years ago that lining your lower lid is just not a good idea.

7. There are things that make you feel emotional, and you cry.

Then there are times when you remember crying – and you cry because of it.

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8. Spring is the BEST season for you.

You can pretend it’s your “allergies”.

9. People Google “how to get rid of pimples”…

And you’re like, “Google, how to get rid of tear ducts?”

why is he not replying to my text 20

10. It’s not that you always *WANT* to cry, plenty of times it’s just involuntary!

But it also means you have, like, zero repressed emotions.


11. You are very selective about who you watch movies with…

Because you don’t want your movie-watching experience to be interrupted by people making fun of your tears.

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12. After all, you ended up in tears when you went to watch Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Dil Dhadakne Do

And, yes, even that really intense episode of Aaja Nachle!

13. Your dog, teddy bear and favourite jumper have all been soaked in your tears, on more than one occasion.

So has your boyfriend.


cry easily resized teddy

14. You’re a great friend and an even better listener – always ready to lend a shoulder for someone else to cry on.

Hey, at least it’s not your tears – for once!

15. That guy got you MAD… So, so mad! You wanted to just… Arrgghh! Oh, wait…

Dammit, when will you EVER get to fight with someone without the waterworks?!

crying girl 8


16. When people say “Diamonds are a woman’s best friend”, you’re like “No, dude, TISSUES”.

You have some in your bag to prove it.

17. Whenever something remotely sad happens, people look at you like you’re about to erupt into tears – but you hold it together for a full minute, and THEN burst into tears.

You have your timing.

crying girl resized 9

18. You HATE surfing the web when there are people around

Because no matter how much you try, you just CAN’T escape at least one adorable video that brings tears to your eyes!


19. And the absolute worst question ever: “Why are you crying?”

You’re just going to make me cry more, dammit. Don’t you see I have a system?!

GIFs: Tumblr

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05 May 2016

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